Mitch McConnell; Casting Pearls Before Swine


I had initially started the day feeling pretty good. This was the day we Americans go to the polls and cast our votes for the candidates of our choice. We pride ourselves on the democracy that made this country a symbol of freedom and hope for a brighter future and try our best to weigh the issues, make sensible selections and abide by the rules of the vote. Then I made the mistake in the early evening to look at some results online and saw the incumbent Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) kicking ass on the Democratic candidate, Alison Grimes. That’s when I reached for the bottle of whiskey.
What the hell Kentucky? What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with any of the states out there who continue to let these slimy good old boys get re-elected into office? I would love to go down there and take a census from people coming out of the polls and ask 1: did you really vote for Mitch McConnell and 2: What the hell made you vote for Mitch McConnell? Far be it from me to want to do away with the democratic process but creeping Jesus, Mother and Mary. If our society continues to let monsters like this stay in office, we are certainly all doomed.
People like McConnell are what keep Democratic/liberal individuals away from the table to even want to discuss politics with Republican voters and Republicans know that people like this mint julep sipping cracker piece of flotsam is not representative of what the Republicans stand for. Somewhere along the way between Barry Goldwater and President Ronald Reagan (note I categorized that period of Ron’s life because his term spent as a Governor are a totally different chapter altogether) the GOP took on a salacious approach toward Joe and Jane Average and began to put their stock into business rather than people. Little by little we’ve been duped into believing all our nations problems are being caused by the unemployed and the underemployed and the tidal wave of welfare recipients sucking off the government teet….and the Mitch McConnells of politics continue to harvest our money and oil the campaign machine in a covert method so devious, so elusive that many don’t even think to suspect it. Not possible you say? You think the majority of citizens are too smart to let something like this happen? Remember folks, you’re talking about a country which boosted Kim Kardashian to the stellar point of stardom she now holds, regardless to the fact that she gained notoriety for being screwed on tape. We allow hillbillies and beauty contestant parents to rule our airwaves and keep the masses entertained with what some refer to as entertainment. I think its slowly been dumbing our nation to the point where we now hold less an attention span than a goldfish in a bowl.
So feel proud you get to vote Kentucky, you let the bastard keep his job. Now you can continue to lead the nations way in unemployment while television pundits of politics use sleight of hand before our very eyes and insist it’s the part time worker at McDonalds which is causing this country to collapse. You people probably deserve McConnell. Go ahead and continue to peddle your meth and watch Duck Dynasty or whatever distraction they throw on the screen. Then none of us will have to worry about foreign powers marching down the streets trying to take over America, because by then they will own all our land.
Thanks Mitch.


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