Attack of the ISIS Eboliacs


There is a pandemic sweeping our nation and the virus I speak of is paranoia. We are being bombarded with scary inferences of death and destruction from our smart phones and computers who battle for our affection. The nefarious doomsday tactics of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are suggested to us through eye-grabbing headlines and rehashed pictures of rebels in ninja attire training for Jihad. Just when Ma and Pa Average Citizen felt it couldn’t get any more frightening, along comes the wicked killer, ebola, to take us down by the millions. A lot of people get it but for those who don’t I want to address you with some common sense; the real thing to be frightened of isn’t ebola or Isis… the real thing to be frightened of are the people who now govern us.
The dismissal of our rights and our voting power is being whittled away, silently, behind the backdrop of fearful delusions produced by huge conglomerates who own the businesses providing our news. Independent news sources and grass roots websites that carry varied analysis on world affairs and more objective reporting have very little punch in numbers by comparison to monsters of media like AOL news or CNN. These moguls carefully select what stories to throw before us and work hard to keep us tuned in to them for the latest breaking news on the bigger-than-life villains they have created. I don’t doubt for one minute that ISIS is a terrorist group and that they wish to cause harm and destruction but what about the more prominent threats to our communities? A popular meme going around the internet right now states a sarcastic truth; Kim Kardashian has been married more times than there are people (in the U.S.) who have died from ebola. ISIS thugs have been instrumental in the abduction and execution of innocent people and my heart goes out to those which lost loved ones but what have we done about the acts of terrorism within our own country which were brought about by our own citizens? I believe more deaths have occurred from school shootings than by the hands of Islamic fundamentalists in America. What is our country doing about our border to the south where Mexican/American relations and drugpin cartel leaders continue to wreak havoc in our country and theirs?
We need to stop putting secondary issues in primary priority. Rather than stress over potential disasters from a foreign virus, lets start taking better care and precautions of those health issues that currently exist in the U.S.. Ebola could be a future concern but there are a lot of doubts as to whether it will spread to biblical numbers like the media wants to scare us into believing. Influenza, on the other hand, continues to kill a good amount of people every year here in America so why aren’t we working on using some tax dollars to inoculate anyone who wants a flu shot for free? We should put more dollars behind stopping breast and cervical cancer in women because there is a true monster that is not possibly killing women, it really is killing them. Middle East terrorists do sound scary but until they land on our shore I don’t consider them as large a threat as the kid down the street with a semi-automatic who just shot up his schoolyard playmates. There are deadly threats in front of us on a daily basis but all we should be doing is striking out at the nearest one to us. You have to wait for a supposition to bloom into a reality before it does any big harm-although this paranoid, 21st Century Red Scare is doing a pretty good number on blood pressures and anxiety. Last I would suggest to get out in November and vote candidates into office who plan on serving the public because the flock of sheep we have in there right now are buffoons. Professional politicians like John Boehner should be brought in front of the Senate and pistol whipped within an inch of his life. What a do-nothing piece of gunk that guy is. Old pieces of driftwood like Mitch McConnell need to be replaced with someone willing to work for the people and not be in the pocket of big business. Hillary Clinton is slowly working at throwing her hat in the Presidential ring and all I can do is wonder if we really need more of the same on Capitol Hill? If she got elected wed just have more bipartisan bickering to accomplish nothing while European and Asian countries strive ahead. We need to, for the sake of advancement, throw out the political baby with the bath water because its causing too much controversy among our people to make Capitalism in America effective.
If we, as a country, can get over our own pride and bullheaded approach to world affairs and stop worrying about these supposed threats (everything gives you cancer) we might all breathe just a little bit easier and be ready for a real problem when it occurs. We need a fresh approach to American life in the 21st century the time is now.


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