A Quick Homage to Musk


July 21, 1969, man stepped on the surface of the moon and from that point forward most every program to venture further into space slowly decayed. World space programs continued to develop new craft and even managed to put a station out there in orbit above us but for the majority of people on Earth these investments of time and money were a huge waste of our financial resources. Many complained that there were no tangible reasons to continue exploring space that seemed to harvest any realistic ideas; it was a waste of time and money…and then along came Elon Musk.
The South African entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal and Tesla Motors (as well as Hyperloop, Zip2 and Solar City) brought the dream back by investing one hundred million dollars of his own money to create SpaceX, a radically forward thinking operation which took space exploring by the balls.  Currently Musk is working on a solid plan to inhabit the planet Mars with ‘millions of people’ which to some may sound far-fetched, but others believe he’s just the man to pull something like this off. We’re talking about the guy in charge of the first private company to resupply the ISS (International Space Station). Not only did his rocket resupply the ISS, it did it at one third the cost of the space shuttle flights. Musk is a dreamer and a doer; something we need more of these days in opposition to the enormous numbers of political figures who fill our hearts and heads with promises of hope and change but bring about very little of either. I won’t sit and harp on one individual politician or one particular party; my nihilist attitude toward politics leaves me believing that they are all monkeys chasing monkeys and will rarely achieve much more than slinging shit at one another.
I have people debate me on the importance of space travel. They insist the decades of time that would pass before we could ever see any results make it too costly an operation. I personally see this as a much more fruitful approach to spending money than throwing it into more weapons and wars. We certainly should be contributing more to things on this planet like health care and feeding the hungry but we really do have an assload of cash folks – proof alone by looking at the amounts we spend on military engagements which end in stalemates at best. Space exploration and colonization are a far off beacon but we should not stop trying to reach it. This planet will, eventually one day either blow up from natural disaster or be blown up by omur own stupidity. In order to preserve humanity we should be thinking about seeding it on other planets. This sounds far-fetched to a lot of people but fifteen years ago 3d printers would have sounded just as crazy an idea and look where we are today with that.
I suggest you go online and read more about Elon Musk and think about his achievements. Think about what he has already achieved – and he’s not done yet. Think back on what Steve Jobs gave us. Think of all the developments our handheld device society has grown to become. There is so much we can do nowadays thanks to the advancements of technology, science and engineering…let’s not waste all of it on crappy games and bombs. There’s a huge fucking universe out there with wonders that will blow our minds; let’s go get it.


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