The Fish is Back


While all of us settle into the month of October that includes a new NFL season and a vacant Congress, large herds of people sip on suicide cider wishing for a quick death, a way out from politics as usual. As if proof were needed, all we have to do is look at the headlines of recent reporting Mitt ‘Filet O’ Fish’ Romney back on the campaign bandwagon….sort of. He’s taking small steps to get up on that wagon but believe me, he’ll be up there soon. After months of denying he’d run again the whitebread Mormon boy wonder told the New York Times “We’ve got a lot of people looking at the race”, and when asked if he would be running replied “We’ll see what happens.”
The seemingly non-committal statement is the same type parlor game most the standard usual political suspects are playing right now. Hillary Clinton was doing the same thing and her stance is slowly shifting to appear before the public as a presidential hopeful. More and more will start dipping their beak in the rum barrel to get a taste and feel the excitement jizz out of them as they ponder 2016. We’re closing in on two years away which has become the standard timetable for candidates to begin the circuit appearances and Mitt certainly has revived from the ass lashing he took in the 2012 election.
Republicans are beginning to beat their sabers to rally the troops. Once again this coming election looks like a race to see who we hate more rather than who we like most. I feel staunch Republicans will no longer care about religious affiliations from their candidate because in their minds the nation elected a Muslim and they made it 8 years under his watch so religion is a moot point for any candidate they end up following. Granted those opposed to the Obama Administration screamed and howled throughout both of his terms but even they could see that the country has not gone down in flames – yet – which gives them hope in reclaiming whatever delusional image of America they have. They are expecting ISIS to come thundering onto our shores under the guidance of the Great Hope and Change so really their biggest concern is to take back the White House; the House and Senate would be nice too but the big enchilada is to put a Republican Commander-In-Chief in the Oval Office come 2016. Once that happens they can sit on top of the dung pile to claim themselves King of the Hill.
Pray, the GOP really does want a viable candidate, but right now they just want someone electable. Rick ‘The Texan’ Perry came out swinging early and flew to close to the Sun when he was booked on charges for abuse of power and coercion – in typical cowboy fashion, after Perry was booked and fingerprinted he headed to a local burger joint for some ice cream and tweeted a picture of himself…god I love Texas. Other Republican candidates from the barrel of repeat offenders appear crazy or impotent by comparison to Perry so this leaves the GOP with very few options other than to attach themselves to the bland boy who lost two runs for the White House. I sit and wait to post more information on this 2016 election as it slowly unfolds but for now, I present to you the front runner for the moment; the tasteless fish sandwich of politics, Mitt Romney. Eat’em up folks and Welcome to the Church.


2 Responses to “The Fish is Back”

  1. 10/03/2014 at 7:23 am

    We have a choice between four parties in England and they are all as bad as each other. Choice of least worst is a terrible thing in politics.

    • 10/06/2014 at 10:43 pm

      I think politics worldwide need an overhaul. We are all coming of an age that has shrunk our globe and with technology allowing us more immediate response/action, I hope nations throughout the world take advantage of this and bring about a true change in how we are governed. Thanks for reading.

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