The Untouchables


The internet news brothels recently began filling our screens with generous portions of venom aimed at NFL football players. They worked hard to provide accusations launched at these gridiron performers and now we get to feel like justice is being served, at least somewhere in our lives. I’m all for preventing  spousal abuse, child neglect and every other dirty little secret they now seem able to pull out of the locker rooms, but I feel we may be experiencing a ‘wag the dog’ brand of justice to keep our minds from settling on a more disturbing performance among us.
The House shut down on Capitol Hill and won’t be back in business until November. This group of sloths managed to sit around and shuffle papers until it was time to take a break and left the country in a continued state of misery, mocking the public with such a daring move. If you or I held a job where we were expected to accomplish enough to quantify the salary we were being paid but all we did was sit with our thumb up our ass for half a year – then decide to take a little over a month’s vacation…..we know what our job status would be. So why is it we continue to allow this from our elected officials? Why are we merely balking at one another as if our neighbor who holds differing political opinions than ours are all that make this problem exist? Granted anyone who elects some slug bastard in office holds some accountability but all they really did was open the door for the beast; the true damage came once the beast got in and started marking his territory.
Most U.S. citizens now hold a device to oust these pricks in the palm of their hands. Sadly, most of them will spend their time destroying fictitious candy or searching the web for new clips of cute animals. I implore you to take just a few moments away from your numbing pastime habit and call up the office of your House Member. They won’t be there but there will be someone answering the phones and you can leave a brief message for those sagging syphilitics telling them to get their asses back to work. We aren’t going to pay for their vacation anymore because they certainly aren’t paying for ours. They are not doing their jobs, they are wasting our time and money and we are fed up. You can word it any way you want but I think you get my objective. If the offices of our elected officials become swarmed with irate voters, perhaps they’ll begin to pay a little attention. They may not at first – in fact I believe the first to take notice will be those internet news brothels I spoke of earlier, because they thrive off human adrenaline. Once they see this as the hot button topic of the day they will pounce on exposing every rat bastard out there not doing their job or perhaps they’ll even get a bit daring and start showing the criminal activities so many of our paid politicians are involved in.
If we sit and do nothing, the Untouchables will keep going about their charade of public service and claim a fair sized paycheck with benefits. I for one am getting frustrated knowing I can’t afford my own health care but manage to pay for some Senator’s well being; how many House Member’s have I financed over the decades of voting? What have they done for you and I recently? We have the ability to vote these mothers out of office and perhaps we should start doing it now…..right now….


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