Insane Clown Politicos: Rand Paul vs. The Texan


Here we are, a little more than halfway through the Great Hope and Change’s lame duck term and the first bit of fanfare, the first sweet stake has been driven into  the ground in pursuit of the ’16 election. This past weekend those news stations desperate to shine a coin in the eyes of their readers decided to cover the small row Governor Rick “the Texan” Perry had with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. You have to give credit to GOP politics; if nothing else, they’re entertaining. The latest display from the Texan had him attacking the junior Senator’s assumed isolationist stance against involving America in more foreign wars. Paul has expressed his concerns over our country getting back in Iraq and met Perry’s attacks with his own line of verbal confrontation.
“If refusing to send Americans to die for a country that refuses to defend itself makes one an ‘isolationist’, then perhaps it’s time we retire that pejorative”.
Rand Paul continued to ward off blows from the man made famous for not remembering three things in a debate. I feel Perry wants to knock out any intelligent competition early on to make the battle for GOP candidacy a bit easier. Paul has been busy sowing seeds with the religious right but I’m sure his election committee is not putting all his eggs in that basket. The gaggle of religious zealot voters will only give him fraction poll numbers and he’ll need plenty to stay in the race. Personally, if I were Rand Paul, I’d go ‘metal’ and make a push to legalize weed in Kentucky. The national press and dullards like Sarah Palin would have a field day on an announcement of that caliber but someone in the Republican realm needs to realize they need a shakeup – bad – to drum up some votes and if you think only Democrats smoke pot, you need to take a trip to Colorado. The Bluegrass state already harvests acres of the stuff, why not tax it, help the terrible unemployment problem there and gain some votes from on the fence ‘undecided’ people in this country? Right now the most noticed thing coming out of Kentucky is Senator Mitch McConnel’s mouth. That old political sloth needs to go sit in a corner and sip juleps until his liver gives out. The man does nothing good for his state, our country, or civilisation in general.
Now don’t think the Republicans are the only ones in our election rundown with sideshow appeal; the Dems are certain to come on full force as well. Hillary Clinton will probably jump out there for everyone to snarl at like a WWE villain… And then there’s Uncle Joe Biden who makes us all laugh because we  know when it comes to getting something done in this country, Joe is about as effective as a broken shoestring.
So let’s all keep tabs on Rand Paul and the Texan….it’s bound to get even more entertaining-hell, they might even cart Michelle Bachmann in to eat an immigrant infant live on TV…stay tuned folks. The ICP have just started getting warmed up.


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