Walking the Whores Path pt. 2


This ends up being a slow process, not one you can recap in an hour or so. I’ve spent days out there on Tenth Street watching these girls (and a couple guys/tg’s as well) and finally gave up on trying to figure out why they do what they do for money. Like I stated before, money is the bottom line. Whether they do it because they have no self esteem or a nasty drug habit or maybe daddy didn’t love them enough…too many variables to pigeonhole them all under one reason guise. What really piques my interest most is the ballet of the hunt.

There are a few different kinds of girls out there. Some are what I refer to as carhops; girls who will only let themselves be picked up by men in cars. They have eyes like hawks and lightning quick reflexes and use those skills to evaluate a potential customer in a matter of seconds as they drive by. The first glance determines what type car is being driven and how many people are inside. They can immediately eliminate multiple bodies in a car and if they see one person, then they see if it’s a man or woman. If it’s a man the next thing they do is try to quickly lock eye contact or see if the man is paying any attention to them walking out there. It’s a quick ballet and certainly it helps if they have repeat customers but I have to give them credit for having street sense like that.

The other group of whores out there don’t really have any title or name classification from me other than hapless. These girls will take on any man riding by on a bike or walking by, find some alley and make some quick cash. It’s a sad waltz indeed to see some girl out there plodding off in the shadows with some guy to make a few bucks and in a perfect world they wouldn’t stoop to this; but this isn’t a perfect world and life goes on down here on Tenth.

I’ll probably continue to watch them as I take my evening walks and talk with the locals but now that I’ve come to know a few of these girls and all the other characters out here I will take it on a more personal level. Once you know someone’s name and share some laughs with them it’s a little different. They now know I’m not out there as a customer or an undercover cop or a serial killer; I’m just another soul on the sidewalk trying to make it another day. Lately the police have been cracking down hard on this stretch so the girls have been playing it extra cool. I sat out there with a group the other night and we enjoyed the evening, and watched cops pick up those not smart enough to stop working. Not every night is pleasant out there. Tonight I left earlier than planned because of a bad aura out on Tenth. A street robbery took place and another incident involved a girl getting her leg stabbed by her boyfriend. Some of the people out there started mouthing at me getting a bit angry wondering what I was doing – cops were slowing down and stopping people to question them. You can say that’s unconstitutional of the police and that people (like myself) have a right to be out there but logic and rights play second fiddle when violence snaps open a situation. They’re trying to keep it calm as they can and that is not an easy job…things happen and tempers flare. Like Kenny Rogers sang, you got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them and tonight…..I fold.


3 Responses to “Walking the Whores Path pt. 2”

  1. 1 Mick
    06/29/2014 at 3:04 am

    You crazy fuck. .meant .affectionately. Are we reporting fact or fiction?

    • 06/29/2014 at 3:28 am

      Why would I report fiction? Oh course this is fact. There are so many interesting people out there-this is only a fraction of what goes on….fascinating stuff.

  2. 3 Diane
    06/29/2014 at 3:08 am

    Felt like I was sitting in the shadow of the abandoned house at 10th and rural….dark, interesting, a feeling of dis-ease.

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