Vampire Chronicles Addendum: Like Baby Birds Fallen From a Nest


All of us have problems and a majority of us will try and help one another out, even when we are unsure that what we do will make a difference or if it’s might be the wrong thing to do. I consider this the cross we must bear for being empathetic and that doubt and frustration will never end; welcome to the Church.

It was the summer solstice and a blistering heated one at that. I was waiting at a bus shelter with other individuals yet the shell we stood under to shield us from the sun seemed to magnify the intensity of  its heat rather than block us from it. Under the shell with me was a mid-twenties black man laced out in chains and a ball cap who had ridden the bus out with me and was waiting for the return bus back, like me. He was distressed because he had left a bag on the bus coming out that had his mother’s prescription in it so now he had to hope that the bag was still on that bus and that the same bus would show up so he could retrieve it. Along with him was a lady who was suffering from some illness or condition I’m not equipped to diagnose. She had a yellow warning bracelet around her wrist warning that the individual was prone to seizures but no alert number to call or information on what to do should the person start to seize up. She sat on the bus bench shaking mildly while a thin line of spittle fell down her lip. She kept fumbling through her purse to try and grab out a card from her wallet; this seemed to be her main priority at the moment. The drool and shakes didn’t seem to worry her; she had to get a card out.

Watching her became a lot like listening to someone with a stutter-you want to help them along for their sake as well as your own but more often than not, you won’t. I sat down next to her and started asking her if she was okay and if she wanted me to help her get out her card. She wasn’t able to speak and could only communicate with head shakes and eye contact. She nodded yes when I asked if she was okay but just sat and drooled when I asked if I should help her get a card out. I went ahead and made that internal choice to help because maybe it was a bus card and she would need it to get on. I didn’t think the other fellow was going to jump in and help her because she was white and that’s all he would need is for someone to ride through the lot and see him screaming “a black man is robbing a white lady!”. I did get the card out she needed which turned out to be grocery value card; senseless attempt on my part I suppose but no harm, no foul. I figured out I was waiting at the wrong stop for the bus I needed to be on so I left those two behind and hoped the best for both of them.

Later that evening I found myself at my favorite watering hole where I spent the night downing whiskey and beer and even a bit of absinthe….ah, absinthe, you delirious devil….how you tempt me. Well as I bantered with folks and watched some billiards I eventually got led into the discussion of my blog and some of the subjects I have written on, more recently my writings on the vampire known as Red. The ears perked up on one guy there named Nate who warned me to be careful. “You have got to be careful about getting involved with offering yourself to a sang” he said. He proceeded to tell me how sanguinarians would ask to be in control of the cutting which could lead to dire consequences. Rookie vamps could easily cut a main artery and then you’re fucked – death could occur not by the bite of a bloodsucker but by the stupidity of the naive. Nate wanted to go into some personal experience story on this subject but he and I were pretty tanked at that point. It did make perfect sense to me and I would plan before allowing anyone to drink from me to study diagrams thoroughly to find out what the hell I was doing but I do want to have the experience of what it feels like to go through having someone do this to me. I want to see if there is a bonding that takes place when allowing someone to partake of you like that. You can easily write it off and say no, the whole thing is fucking ridiculous, but I have witnessed enough stranger than life things to know that what we believe we know is not always the whole story. In conjunction with having the experience, I would be doing it to help an individual with a problem I see as not being able to appease with an over the counter pill at your local pharmacy.

Nate and I talked some more and he had some interesting takes on vampirism but I told him that I would more than likely continue this line because I see Red’s situation as being (to me) like a baby bird fallen from the nest. He scratched his head on that one so I explained that when we come across a starving baby bird that has fallen from the nest, we have three choices, basically, on what we can do. We can walk away and do nothing, which would weigh on my mind too heavily; we can find a big rock and put it out of it’s misery rather than allowing it a slow agonizing death or we can pick it up and try to nurse it back to health, even when knowing that the odds of nursing it back may be very very slim. I have known folks who have picked up the bird and tried to nurse it back and the majority of them have failed, but tried it nonetheless. I feel like that when it comes to certain situations and this will probably become one for me. Red continues to search for a donor and has yet to find a suitable one so I will continue to talk with her, communicate and see what I can do to help. We all have our problems and most of us will do what we can to help one another, even at the cost of making an inconsequential offering that does nothing in the grand scheme of things – like pulling out a grocery card for a lady with the shakes……



1 Response to “Vampire Chronicles Addendum: Like Baby Birds Fallen From a Nest”

  1. 1 Shane
    07/31/2014 at 12:36 am

    Sorry it took so long to respond. I have had a life crisis come about. I spoke to you once about a psychic vampire I know of to which you showed interest. I am unsure if your craigslist ad is still active so here I am. If you would still like to talk about it please contact me.

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