Vampire Chronicles: Misconceptions, Disbelief


When I first started looking into this obsession of mine, the one that led me in search of blood drinkers, I was bombarded with an assload of naysayers, disbelievers, skeptics and outright rude sons of bitches. One of the methods I used to try and contact the vampire community involved that modern day stand-by of social media; Craigslist. I saturated the CL listings in a close vicinity to me with short, concise requests for vampires to get in touch for the purpose of investigation/studying. My initial replies from those Craigslist ads were people who felt they needed to take the time to email me and tell me that vampires weren’t real. Their correspondence closings usually ended with some snide remark so I’m sure they felt they certainly showed me. I pressed on and ignored them and eventually was contacted by this twenty seven year old vampire who called herself Red. My back and forth Q and A with her has been enlightening and pushes me on to find out more but I feel I need to lay some groundwork as to where my head’s at on this situation so as not to be misunderstood by those reading my Church blatherings.

Those Craigslist trolls felt I was crazy, naive or a thirteen year old with a hard-on for the goth scene; an understandable mistake because my posts were pretty short winded. I didn’t want to go off on some tirade there on a site that’s infamous for being the want ads of the internet- long winded speeches are what blogs are for. I anticipated running into some vampire wanna-bes (‘vampiroids’) and was prepared to blow them off at a moment’s notice because I was (and am) in search of are those who feel there is a medical – or even spiritual – condition tied to the craving for blood they have. I am not prone to believe the Hollywood stereotype or feel these people are the undead servants of the devil…I don’t even think the devil would want to waste time fucking with some of those hipster cultists that claim to be vampires because they wear amulets and powder themselves down with white talc. A few of them did contact me but after a few short back and forth conversations they proved themselves out to be fakers.

True Sanguinarians tend to be a reclusive sort and not the type to parade around in some posh nightclub. Red doesn’t parade her vampire status to most of her friends, even those closest to her. In a sense it would be like someone back in the 60’s coming out of the closet and trying to tell people they were gay or someone trapped in the body of the wrong gender. If you had a condition that made you feel the urge to drink any body fluid – blood, snot, piss…you can see it being kind of a social taboo. Case in point? Coprophagia – there’s one for the ages: people who eat shit for the zeal and sexual turn-on from it yet they certainly don’t bring that up for discussion in crowds of their friends. That’s a stark comparison and I apologize to Red, but what I mean is, our society frowns on the drinking of blood regardless of any tie-in superstitions it has to the devil, Christopher Lee or the boogyman. This is why Red hides away. This is why Sangs throughout the world stay in clandestine covens where they even become suspicious of their own. This is why I approach her slow so as to assure her that I am not here to condemn her, poke fun at her or anything other than listen to what she has to say about her life.

So now I’ve at least given you a briefing, a disclaimer, for this pursuit of mine and will write (in future posts) what Red has told me about her life. I continue to hunt down more Sanguinarians but as I have stated, they are a reclusive sort…not easy to gain their trust. Perhaps I can persuade them with a pint or two of my own? A payoff of sorts; talk with me and get a bit of red. I continue down this road of query…


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