Vampire Chronicles: First Bite

vc-4 Searching for contact with a vampire has been like trolling for fish in an unknown lake; you’re not really sure where to drop the line so you end up darting all over until (if you’re lucky) you get a hit…and I got a hit.

I made some broad inquiries and got caught off guard by a 27 year old female vampire – sanguinarian as she terms herself – who has agreed to educate me a bit on the lifestyle of vampires. This filled me with anticipation to continue my research on this lifestyle so now my glass is hit with two fingers of scotch on ice and I begin the slow study. This has not been an easy plight as I have struggled to make initial contact with anyone connected to this clandestine tribe, all the while being bombarded with emails and messages from strangers and acquaintances who felt I had gone off the deep end. Saying I wanted to find vampires to talk with was like saying I was going to speak with faeires or Bigfoot. I sat through the guffaws and continued to set my line out in hopes of making contact though and for now it seems to have paid off. You see, what a lot of people failed to take into consideration is the broad range of interpretation to the term ‘vampire’; I don’t believe there are soulless creatures out there who have been characterized in old Hammer horror flicks or more recently in the Twilight films. What I do feel is that there is enough criteria to warrant me looking into the lifestyles of individuals who classify themselves as vampires to see what it means to them, what it’s all about. This is my task for now, mixed in among with all the other pablum I drool out on this blog.

I hope to obtain stronger leads to this secretive community but for now, my first lead has placed me in communique with a female Sang who I call Red-that’s what her father called her because of her hair color. My research continues as Red has provided me with some good leads; my glass runs dry and I will update my chronicles as I become more informed. I have sown more seeds and wait to see if I get any bites (no pun intended) or takers to help me along with my research.There is no hurry in this venture-remember, I followed a group of political zombies in Denver around for a year so to get a good take on what their movement was all about. I plan to devote the time needed to study this group of outcasts and present you with my findings.



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