Where Hipsters Thrive Like Horse Thistle


My search throughout the bowels of downtown Sleepytown led me onto the old Arts Culture Trail known locally as Massachusetts Avenue, the one time hub of street artists and the avante-garde. It’s been decades since this stretch of the city hosted the cultured wine and cheese crowd and I was curious to see what had happened to it since those days back in the 80’s and 90’s. Although I balk at the way this city is run by the governing owls in charge, the one thing I give high marks to it for is the artists and performers here. Some of the most fantastic sculptures I’ve seen throughout the states reside here; visual artists as well as musicians rank high on my list by comparison to other cultural pits. There are a lot of fucking great artists here and a hell of a lot of great musicians.

I began to cruise down Mass. Avenue and noticed the area had become depleted of most the starving artist studios it once supported. The tides had shifted on this area and now the happening spot for art is south of here in Fountain Square. The once popular scene for critics and mavens of the visual migrated to a different locale, possibly the result of the scene on Mass. becoming too homogenized for true supporters of the arts. The takeover by developersd – hungry for money – has churned a new set of supporters for this area; a plethora of wombs to host hipsters in search of designer ale and staunchy food products.  Even the gay community seemed to be overlooking this stretch of sports bars and yogurt parlors. An iconic image of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. looms over the street, a brilliant piece of mural work that must now suffer through the hell of watching the ranks of a younger generation at his feet who might very well look up at the building wondering who the old mustached man was.

I can’t brood over the changed course of what has happened down here on Mass. Avenue. All cities change, all things grow and move on. Hipsters and their like (when even they will take on a new monniker as the title ‘hipster’ will become too…..hipster-esque) will continue to shadow behind the truly gifted and seek to buy their membership into being ‘cool’. The full force of creativity that has sparked a fire in Fountain Square will flourish and then die down one day only to sprout up again somewhere else. The hipsters will continue to thrive like horse thistle amid the scattered remains left behind by the forerunners of the arts. They will always be one step behind getting ‘it’. I am grateful that the arts continue to be magnificent here and applaud the efforts of those artists here who create for our enjoyment and usually end up getting very little support for it….so go out there and support the arts people. Leave the sports bars for those that deserve no better.


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