Vampire Chronicles; New Leads, More Bus Issues


I was disheartened, to say the least, that the one promising lead I had toward hunting down some of Indy’s vampire clan went dry and belly up as I continued my conversation with Visilli, the Greek immigrant who ran a motorcycle import/export business out of his cluttered office at 120. I sympathized for his hard times and didn’t need to hear him describe what ‘other’ means he may be involved in to procure cash to pay his rent so after a comfortable amount of time with him, I split.

By now it was a few hours away from lunchtime and the brisk morning air was not so chilly as to be uncomfortable but still you could tell that winter wasn’t wanting to let go. I parked myself over at the bus stop to make my way back home and spent some time talking it up with the other citizens of Sleepytown who were waiting for their bus connection. I had no idea just how many people started drinking that early in the morning here prior to my waiting at this stop, one of the busier ones in the downtown metro area. Four or five different guys standing around pulling out pints of clear trying to blot out the problems in their lives. One young black man struck up a conversation with me, complaining about how terrible the buses were, how they never ran on time. He was getting more anxious by the minute because he had a doctor’s appointment in a half hour or less and his bus had still not shown up – already it was twenty minutes behind schedule. How familiar this all sounded to me as I thought back on my first attempts at making my way downtown to the vampire club, only to be stymied by the inept running of public transportation. Other men jumped in on the bitchfest we were having and the consensus was that there was nothing anyone could do about the poor running bus problem; I refuse to believe that. I feel if you give up on trying to make the transit system here better then nothing will happen…but it’s not hopeless – just like my pursuit of the vampires is not hopeless. Just because I was thwarted on this one cold lead doesn’t mean I’ll stop – I will uncover them, wherever they manifest.

I tried to stay positive and I spotted out one of Indy’s finest standing patrol nearby keeping an eye on the street activity, walking the beat. I wandered over to the police officer and asked if he knew anything about the vampires here, where they might congregate. He was actually very helpful and gave me some new leads so my earlier feelings of defeat were boosted up a bit. I can’t let this go yet, not without exhausting a few more avenues and I hope that the people of this town will not give up on trying to get a better public transportation system working here; it can happen. Major cities throughout the U.S. rely on their buses and trains and light rail systems to help ease traffic burden, retard the amount of exhaust in our air and provide a reliable service to the public – why can’t the people of Indianapolis have this too?

Until my next saga and entry into the vampire chronicles, I say to all you avid readers…..Welcome to the Church.


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