Vampire Chronicles: A Maze in 120…The Trail Goes Cold


So there I wandered on the tenth floor of 120 Market Suites; no drugs or alcohol to cloud my mind, just a bladder full of urine from the coffee drink I ordered downstairs. The greeting lobby on floor ten was laid out in a nondescript manner without a soul in sight. The huge full length mirror that covered the north(?) wall unnerved me…..bad feng shui here which made me wonder who the fuck would want to rent out offices here. I scoured around and discovered the entire tenth floor was domain for some law firm; didn’t surprise me. No vampires here – or at least not the kind I was looking for traces of. I wandered around the maze of dark empty walls and offices peeking my head into places I’m sure I didn’t belong. This was a maze void of humans, excluding yours truly.

I made my way back to the elevator and decided if I was going to search the whole place I might as well start from the top and work my way down. Too many intriguing movie plots led me to believe that the most clandestine choice for a secretive group would be high atop looking down so I went to the twelfth floor. The elevator opened up on the top floor and I leaked out at the desk of some  black receptionist. No time to falter I told myself. Time to put on my game face. You have to approach people with an air of sincerity when asking them what they know about vampires. You can’t pull that off if your hair is skewed out of place badly or you have a wild gleam in your eyes. I was wearing shades so that gave me confidence however in retrospect I suppose they could have just pegged me as ‘stoned’ and for once, I wasn’t. I backed up my claim by handing her my business card to make it seem like I was legitimate – a feat that always gives me added pleasure when any said person I hand that card to actually reads the title on it; this is my Ass Bleeding Morons card which depicts an upside down nun from the classic movie The Devils on a blood red background. I ask the receptionist if she’s heard anything about a vampire club that meets here once a month and although I feel I’m irritating her slightly because I’m interrupting the flow of calls coming through to her, I also feel I have broken the daily monotony with this bizarre question so she lets me go on. I explain what I’m doing and how I was led to this location via the internet and different leads and at that point she actually seems stymied.
“I’ll tell you who you should talk to…Bill. Stick your head around the corner there in that office and talk to Bill. He might know something.”

I go into the office around the corner and walk in and there sits Bill; Bill is the guy with the foreign accent I rode up with on the elevator. He smiles and recognizes me. “Oh hey, it’s you again.”
I smile and get back into the explanation for Bill who listens with genuine attention, taking me serious with what I am telling him about looking for vampires.
“I don’t know anything about that kind of club being here. Perhaps that was back before I came on as the building manager. I’ve been working here about 6 months now so maybe it was before then. They do have a club house area down on the ground floor that used to have parties and things but nothing is going on there now.”

He goes on to fill me in about how he – his true name being Visilli, a Greek immigrant that runs an import/export company off this twelfth floor suite selling  motorcycle parts – took on this part time job as building manager to get rent free office space to run his business.
“Selling motorcycle parts is very tough and I am not making much money” he sighed. “I am having to find other things to do to help me make money”;
there was something emphatic about the way he looked me in the eye and smiled when he said ‘other things’.


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