Vampire Chronicles: The First Step of the Venture


Damn the futility of this obsession I hold to uncover the vampire scene here in Sleepytown. My pressing insistence to learn the location of their hangout led me to an address in the heart of downtown Indy, a lead that was hampered last week when I tried to depend on Indy’s inept bus system to get me to the purported vampire club. The club info I ran across on the internet stated that the club was open the first Wednesday of each month in the evening and by missing out on the last few month’s of First Wednesday my progress on this saga was fading away.

Now came an opportunity to get something growing behind this investigation. I had the day free so motivated myself to get downtown and do a bit of recon on the locale, get a feel for the place so I didn’t waste half my time stumbling around in some drug induced fog trying to find the address come next First Wednesday. The bus did come this morning (albeit it took forty five minutes waiting for one to show up) so I hopped on and rode to the heart of the city. The club’s address was only two blocks from the infamous Circle Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument so finding the building should have been no problem…the difficult part I perceived was figuring out which floor, suite, et cetera, the club might be hosted in/on. This was the day after St. Patrick’s Day; the bus lulled past beer tents that now stood vacant and somber, remnants of yesterday’s celebration waiting to be dismantled until next year.

The day had a fitting hangover feel to it, a bit on the slow side but before I knew it I was standing in front of 120 Market Suites, my destination. I walked in and saw a ground floor coffee shop with a tired looking barista and no customers to prevent me from picking her brain about what she might know on the vampires. I purchased a latte and casually asked her what she knew – if anything – about the vampire club. She frowned and thought but hadn’t heard of anything.
“That’s not saying much though” she laughed. “There are twelve floors of businesses here so it could be in one of those offices.”

I looked but there was no building directory on the wall or nearby, just a sign-in sheet for guests entering the building sitting on a desk with no security. The lobby walls were green marble and the elevators had moss green curtains that were draped back to expose call buttons. A thin framed peculiar looking man was climbing in one of the elevators and held the door for me.
“Which floor would you like?” He had a thick sounding accent but I wasn’t going to let that throw me into some superstitious fear…just because I was in a building hunting for vampires and this gentleman who sounded like he came from the Carpathian regions of Romania or something invited me into a closed elevator alone with him…..no worries, right? Luckily he pressed his floor number first so I chose a floor two down from his so as not to have to get off on the same floor as him and have that awkward moment.  I made some quick pleasant conversation about the weather to pass the dead air time as we went up.

The tenth floor (out of twelve) came and I got off. The elevator dumped me on some high-end decorated floor that was dark and empty.  There appeared to be someone to my left staring at me so I tried to act natural and turn to them for assistance, then noticed that the person was my own reflection in a wall sized mirror at the end of the hall. Twelve floors of this? Time to start searching…


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