My Momentary Madness, My Superstitious Ways


Along the way of pursuing more clarity from the big blue marble we live on I continue to fall into the hands of conspiracies, fallacies and yes, even the truth. The problem is that they all get mashed together like different colors of Play-Doh, nearly impossible to separate once combined. The blatant hardline stories involving Elvis and Bigfoot together on a UFO are pretty easy to disqualify and deem fraudulent but the nuances of religion and spirituality, paranormal activity (to some degree) and other seemingly valid arguments of the abnormal can sometimes be quite difficult to just write off….at least for me.

My most recent brush with the peculiar things in life came about when I read some articles on the 11-11 phenomenon. For those of you unfamiliar with this odd occurrence, the 11-11 phenomenon is an experience shared by millions around the globe who find themselves drawn into a puzzling confrontation with the series of numbers ’11:11′. These mostly appear on digital clocks, sometimes in other locations such as posters or time schedules, etc. but they occurrence of this set of numbers, 11 and 11, reportedly increase in one’s life once they begin to experience and notice them. This has become more than a coincidence for lots of people and has driven them to ponder the possibilities of what this iconic series of numbers that suddenly keeps popping up in their lives means. I first found the reports I read to be a bit odd but nothing more; then I began to experience the 11:11 phenomenon. I would walk through the room at just the precise moment when the clock on the microwave was at 11:11. The number was there on a magazine cover, staring at me and taunting me to read something into what was happening. The number showed up on a receipt of items I purchased and that’s when I really started wondering what the hell it meant.

Now I am still left with questions to myself and weigh whether I feel the 11-11 phenomenon is a valid…thing… but keep telling myself that it is more than likely a grand example of what is referred to as confirmation bias; the tendency to fall victim to favoring information that confirms one’s beliefs. People will fall prey to biased searches for documentation of material that will validate their beliefs, especially those beliefs that are more ethereal – religious devotion to a particular god is one of the big ones that comes to mind. Scientific proof cannot be shown to prove god’s existence yet millions upon millions of people believe in one (or many). Just as many humans will favor the knowledge science brings us but within those halls of study there are holes as well. We put our faith behind something like gravity even though we don’t really understand exactly what it is. Faith is a strong monster that dwells within us all yet so many of us have varying flavors of faith that it causes an eruption of attitude polarization among us. This in turn will bring about things like illusory correlation, hunting down items (especially on the world wide machine) to back up whatever theory we may hold in our heads, but where is the true truth. Millions claim to experience this 11-11 madness yet even they don’t agree on what it means. I’ve read that it leads down so many hidden paths of clandestine awareness to the human psyche, a spiritual wake-up call. I don’t doubt that at some point someone will use the 11-11 phenomenon as a defense in a court of law as to why they wiped out some poor innocent bystander who just happened to have four ones painted on their tennis shoes.

I guess my point is, we all fall victim into believing some strange shit. There are certainties that we can agree upon such as if you walk out in from of a speeding bus, you will be hurt. If it’s snowing outside and you have no coat on…you get the picture. The other stuff, the uncertain knowledge that we all carry around or even the not so easy to prove fodder we want to believe, that’s the stuff we need to give leeway to and not use against one another. Life is hard enough to get through when confronted with the obvious, don’t make it tough on others with the unseen superstitions that personally guide you. Believe what you will but don’t force it down the throats of others. If what you believe is truth I have faith that we will all sense it and follow it…..

I need to get to bed before eleven o’clock tonight…….


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