My Sleepytown Brush with Futility


It seemed the perfect night for my venture to the streets of downtown, in search of the Erois Noir club – the vampire club. All the signs were pointing toward possibilities of a great night for a saga to unfold; the club reportedly opens just once a month and I had been patiently (and not so patiently) biding the days away underneath a blanket of Sleepytown snow…this winter seems to press on forever. The vampire club…in search of the intrigue brought about by their mere mention got me street dressed in layers of hoodies and gloves to venture via city bus to the streets  near Circle Monument Supremo. There was a fingernail moon in the sky which meant I wouldn’t have to worry about werewolves – another added bonus was that this was Ash Wednesday, that holy day when Methodists and Catholics alike don the war paint of religion for the sake of their souls. Certainly on a sanctimonious holiday like this the blood suckers would be in an agitated state; all the more fun for me.

I grabbed my electronica and headed toward Washington Street in hopes of catching an evening bus downtown, a good ten miles from my location. The air was cold but not biting cold as it had been so with ear buds blaring some Screaming Trees I headed south on Franklin Road. As I approached 21st Street I see the INDYGO bus sign that reminds me 21st has a bus that leaks out a few blocks from where I was going so rather than hoof it two miles down to Washington Street I could just as easily stay at this outpost and catch the 21st Street bus downtown; sounded like a solid plan. I got on my phone and checked the bus schedule; I had seventeen minutes before it would show up – perfect. I could fare the cold that long. I waited. Seventeen minutes passed. Fifteen more minutes passed and no bus shows. I look up at the bus sign and see a number to call. Having been familiarized with current city bus travel (while living in Denver) I took this number to be one you could call in and get 1. a list of current times and schedules for your route and 2. a live representative of the bus company on the line to find out if there were any delays in scheduling. I call the number and it pops me to a generic greeting that informs me if I would like to know the Christmas holiday schedule for buses to press 3……Christmas was three months ago.

Giving up on the 21st Street bus I decide to go ahead and venture down to Washington Street to catch that bus to town. Apparently no bus was running on 21st that evening. No sooner had I walked about five or six blocks when what should whiz by me but the 21st Street bus, off schedule by a good twenty minutes and there it goes. There was no use crying now because that wouldn’t bring the bus back so I pick up the pace and work on that 2 miles I have to get to Washington Street. I get about 150 yards away from Washington and Franklin and quickly remember to check the times for that bus; the online schedule shows I have thirteen minutes before the next bus will arrive at Washington and Franklin – perfect timing….and then I look up and see the Washington bus whizz by, thirteen minutes early.

I suppose I can expect some snafus now and then with any city, state or federal run program but this is fucking ridiculous.  This is not the first time I have had these type issues with the public transportation here; a city the size of Sleepytown should not run their public trans this shoddy – either fix it or shut it down and you really shouldn’t shut it down. How hard can it be to make things run on time? I’m not saying the bus and light rail system I had become familiar with while living in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado were flawless but they weren’t a dilapidated mess like this INDYGO systems appears to be. Growing up here I can recall how efficient the buses in Indy ran; people relied on them to get to work. Now they seem to have become the mainstay for a crowd of individuals who don’t necessarily have to be anywhere in particular at a set time. The drivers are nice enough and informative but they if you ask them about other routes than theirs and why things run on half a leg they shrug their shoulders and leave it at that.

So another month of waiting slips by as I wait with pensive focus on the vampires….they are out there and I want to engage them but what do you do with an uncooperative busline that throws a wrench in your plans? I could have stayed at the Washington Street stop and waited another hour for the next bus but by then my intent was shattered and the night was getting colder. I gave up and walked the two and a half miles back to the solace of the Church to wait thirty more days….
….thirty more days….


1 Response to “My Sleepytown Brush with Futility”

  1. 1 John
    03/08/2014 at 12:34 pm

    Mirroring Indiana’s implementation of the ACA, we are talking about a public transit system run by people who don’t like public transit (and the public transit system is certainly funded by same). But we Hoosiers insist on electing folks that insist that government is bad. All government all the time. Yet we (the electorate – I guess if I vote with these folks I AM one) are just shocked that we get exactly the corrupt crony filled government that we keep voting for.


    Sorry you didn’t get to visit with your vampires. It will happen.

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