As Profane as Holmes Cocaine

This winter madness continues throughout vast portions of the U.S. dumping record amounts of snow and ice with continued subzero temperatures. At this time there is no visible end in sight. I don’t view this arctic vortex being nearly so ‘storm of the century’, as the national and local weather hacks would have us believe but I must admit, it has been a rugged winter. My plans, like so many folks, have been placed on limited priority status…milk and bread runs, not quite so many free nights into the evening air to raise hell or wake my senses. Oh I did see a bit of the moon one night while howling at it, walking through the piles of drifted snow while being courted from the after effects of my new acquaintance; Fireball whiskey.

It was a great night out that evening with a couple of friends as we discussed life, death and taxes over chilled cinnamon flavored whiskey and a bit of the herb.  Classic jazz thrummed off real vinyl albums; the conversation was comforting and the night ran on. Now the fact that I continued this outing by leaving there for a neighborhood watering hole doesn’t take away (for me) the standing therapy delivered by the early initial drink and gather. Landing in that bar just reaffirmed what I had felt earlier as I saw on the face of those at the bar the blessed effects of comradery; we should all come together now and then for the sake of our well being.

So much of my time during this chillfest has been spent pinned up behind the screen of some electronic device merely touching base with those I care for by pressing keys and reading responses. There is a discernible difference between this and real human contact, a real and noticeable difference. It gets so easy to just hook yourself to the Cloud and type away – they make it easy for our convenience but we tend to forget the luxury, the therapeutic bonus achieved from actual contact (or at least close proximity) with fellow humanoids. Networking and online media play can become more profane an addiction than Sherlock Holmes friend, cocaine. As the stories read, when Holmes was between cases and bored to the point of  depression he would slip a bit of the seven percent solution into his veins and have at that violin. Our society has managed to pick up a similar habit in the form of a hand held smartphone.

I suggest to you, pleasantly urge you to get out during these bouts of winter frustration and hold palaver with some friends. As much as you may dread facing some icy roads or a bit of biting temperatures the benefits well outweigh those minor obstacles. The winter will drag on a while (it seems) for us so fight that cabin fever and get out…I’m not saying you have to pull out the hard liquor or anything, but do gather – in person – with someone or a group of someones you know….we’ll beat this storm yet.


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