High Time to do Something About Pot Laws



In an interview with the New Yorker released January 19, President Obama stated that he felt marijuana usage was no more than a ‘bad habit and a vice’ and very similar to cigarette smoking. The Great Hope and Change put his foot out there people and I for one have to applaud the bold step he took; not just because I am an advocate of marijuana smoking but because of the way he dove into the timely issue to put a political ripple in the pond. Up to this point the vast majority of our leaders have shunned the mere mention of pot in any political statements other than to toe the line of past pundits that held the smacking resemblance of Nancy Reagan’s infamous ‘just say no’ approach. The writing is on the wall with Colorado le3alizing marijuana for recreational use, Washington right behind them and other states to follow suit in upcoming elections (Maryland, Alaska, Arizona, D.C. and Oregon). What used to be a black mark  in the book for politicians and entertainers (in regards to drugs – marijuana specifically) is slowly changing color and changing into the new buzz phrase cause to jump on.

Many wondered if this day would come and many wondered how it would come about – well here it is in the infant stages of development. This is how it is coming about so those of you that wish to expedite the process should feel a swelling of support behind you because now, even the fucking President of the United States has said that pot smoking is ‘no worse than alcohol’ and we all know how heavily this country endorses its drinking. Like so many political popularity issue bandwagons, the weed issue could become a new favored stance from would-be governors and mayors throughout the land to jump on board. I remember when a large group of political turds were hyped up about having drug tests  published for the sake of popularity among their constituents, a sanctimonious display of hilarity that meant nothing at all…but if they feel they can gain a few votes by stating that they feel pot is okay – they don’t even have to advocate using it themselves – well the laws could change quicker than one might have imagined.

A lot of people I know here in Sleepytown feel that we may very well become one of the last states to legalize weed, standing next to the likes of Utah and it’s Mormon majority populace. It doesn’t have to be that way. Personally I’m sure the smart move would be for the impoverished states, like Kentucky, to legalize the shit and start making some profit to pave their highways and pay for food stamps. Other states have recognized the capital marijuana sales bring about and by having key states like Colorado and Washington be the guinea pigs, we learned that selling weed will not leave our streets running red with blood. Entrepreneurs in the Denver area were smart to jump in quick when marijuana was legalized for medical use and sunk their investing dollars into clinics throughout the town. They made some fast cash and although they had their share of issues such as petty crime break-ins at dispensaries, overall the transition of legal sales to the public went pretty smooth. Any state in the union could be the next to make dope legal now that the gates have been opened but the question remains as to who will be smart enough to project the potential dollar amounts they could rake in….


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