A New Year, A New Saga


I imagined myself to be dead by this point in time but somehow, I survived so onward I go into a new year with the rest of you here in the Church. My trek from the Western U.S. into the Heartland was but one adventure and now I stand poised on the edge of my pulpit ready to explore new (but familiar) territories, gain more insight, viciously attack my senses.

Too many people get caught into the habit of making New Years resolutions at this time of the calendar year, anticipating that final moment when the clock strikes down and a new year begins. They resolve to improve their lives in some way and once January one rolls around, they sink into seeing how long they stick to their convictions; it’s like holding your breath for so many. You see how long you can go before you finally give in and exhale. Then a momentary lack of worth kicks in – you feel the guilt of a Catholic and chastise yourself for not sticking to the game plan. This is why my New Years resolutions rarely involve self improvement. I tend to make my intentions based gear toward planning out a new saga for myself, a new adventure to keep me enjoying my time left on the Big Marble by exploring what it has to offer.

Now that I find myself one again residing in Sleepytown, the tome of my beginnings, I forsee a plethora of new sagas erupting here to entertain, educate and delight. I shed the legacy left behind in the Rockies where characters like Eduardo and Dr. B honed my psyche to a state of self awareness I had forgotten and for that I am eternally grateful to them. Now comes an opportunity to open new doors and see what monsters and heroes await me on the streets of Indianapolis. I plan to encourage others to tag along with me; join in the fight to legalize marijuana here in a state that has been know to be a follower rather than a leader. Buck the system and work toward a better educational structure for the children of Indy. I put out an open invitation to all Hoosier vampires and sordid conspiracists to contact me and speak your mind, convey your thoughts to the Church. Come to my confessional and place the wafer in your mouth but be forewarned, this wafer is no body of Christ, it’s more apt to be a tab of X.

The winter weather holds little outdoor structured activities – those township alas and strawberry socials everyone’s so used to going out once a year for. Winter is the season of the dead so while the town hibernates I stalk out the perimeters of the city and rely on cautious fingers pointing the way to what could be my next posted entry on this blog. I observe and slowly dip my feet in the water, anticipating the big plunge in the deep end of the pool.  2014 is only days away so I sit in a pensive state saying ‘let the games begin’.


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