Touchdown in Sleepytown; New Moon on the Horizon


The flight from Denver left late and by then the vicodin I had washed down with a few glasses of scotch had kicked in full tilt. I am not one who cares that much for hurtling through the atmosphere at incredible speeds in a cylindrical tube so self medication is a must. We were informed by the flight attendants that the on board televisions screens located on the headrest in front of us would be inoperable and as a side joke (I suppose) they quipped that they’d be more than happy to do a song and dance to entertain us….I held them to that offer and demanded they do a song and dance for me – two female flight attendants dancing for my pleasure on a full moon night.

A full moon; I hadn’t thought of that until we were on our way over Nebraska. I was leaving the Mile High streets of Denver to start life anew in Sleepytown on the night werewolves prowl and people with mental conditions tend to go a bit off. A fitting time to crossover and mark the occasion but still a bit of superstition that kept me wondering what lie ahead. I was leaving the pioneer spirit of that cowtown in the mountains for life living amid what a good friend described as, ‘Upper Appalachian’ citizens. Upper Appalachian, that was brilliant. He and I continued vaping some organics and debating the subject of life in the Midwest. I will certainly rely on him in the future for a candid point of view and guidance as I make the crossover from Westerner to Midlander.

The full moon continued to stare at me. What would the future reveal to me about the oppressive metropolis I left some sixteen years ago? Ah, Sleepytown; one of the telltale symptoms displayed from sever depression is an overabundance of sleep. A city that kept the spirit of its people well under thumb haunted me and drove me to leave back in the 90’s was out there, looming in the dark as my plane dropped altitude and landed in the city airport. Now my saga begins. A new city, a new era. Aloha Sleepytown.

The possibilities are certainly more open than ever, what with the advent of the technology age growing in rapid spasms. Communication on our world and all around us used to be left primarily in the hands of media overlords that edited and picked the type news they chose to dispense. Our modern society now has a plethora of resources to inform, educate and amuse. Collection and distribution (or marketing) of data no longer relies so heavily on the foot as it does on the keyboard. The potential for Indianapolis is ripe to be exploited so what will they do with this opportunity? The bells and distractions of our high tech toys will certainly amuse the folks here but as far as how they will approach the new dawn of syncrho-infusion to machines?…that will be the interesting thing for me to observe.

So I sign off my first post from Sleeptown and go forth to discover this town all over again, in search of their twenty-first century culture, in search of drugs and entertainment, in search of a new batch of members for this Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons. I greet you…Athanasius contra mundum.


1 Response to “Touchdown in Sleepytown; New Moon on the Horizon”

  1. 11/29/2013 at 11:50 pm

    Welcome back to Sleepytown! Nice to meet ya, brother. -john

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