A Farewell to the Rockies; My Future Looms in Sleepytown



“The Time Has Come” the Walrus said “To Speak of Many Things…”

Lewis Carroll – The Walrus and the Carpenter


It’s been fifteen years now since I invaded the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado to come raise a family, get divorced, witness a failed revolution and see the legalization of marijuana. A lot went on in that decade and a half stretch, but now there is a new mysterious fog on my horizon, a new beast for me to bear witness to – back east. I will miss those I leave behind here in the Denver area but feel the era set well in history and Denver will do just fine without me in her clutches. I learned so much here about tolerance of people and how to seek true happiness – I partook in the historical moment of seeing pot become legal on the streets where I lived, not to mention the back-to-back Super Bowl wins from John Elway and the Denver Broncos. The purple mountains majesty shine through on the pioneer spirit out here, and all members of this Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons (Denver Congregation) I managed to befriend will remain stories in my soul to retell in future sermons. I send a fond farewell to the West…you will be missed. Now my sights focus in on the Midwest; Sleepytown.

Sleepytown (in my mind) lies back in the middle of the United States, back where the rows of corn hide demon pig creatures ready to punish you for the mere sport of it. A Dystopian society that resembles a scene out of Pink Floyd’s The Wall to me, where thinking outside the box is deemed dangerous. The city has jokingly referred to itself as ‘naptown’, loosely connecting to some feeling of being a sleepy little metropolis, inspired decades ago by a local radio station that promoted the slang term to emphasize their call letters on the public. I tell myself this should be my opportunity to infuse some Rocky Mountain culture among the natives there – I may think too highly of myself. I do know this will open up so many doors to peer in and witness the demon that strikes against my Church members, fatalistic points of view which trim their hope and belief of a better future society down to nubs. It’s been some time since I wandered the streets there so perhaps a new generation of more free thinking spirits dwell there now, motivated by our advancements in technology and new classes of designer drugs.

Welcome to the Church is the book I wrote which details me following the escapades of this gathering of rebellious people in the West; their fighting the corruption of twenty first century fat-cat moguls, fighting ‘the man’, who was now tech savvy and more deadly than ever. I foresee a possibility of such tribes in the Midwest developing, ready to rattle their sabers at the injustice on their roads and byways.  No, people, the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons does not only exist in Denver, the Church resides throughout the U.S. – throughout the world! My new venture back to the midlands will be but a new chapter to observe on humanity and what forms of suffrage they face, what breeds of inhuman thugs grace their hallowed halls. Definitely stay reading dear patrons, the change should prove interesting.



1 Response to “A Farewell to the Rockies; My Future Looms in Sleepytown”

  1. 1 Sandy Hansen
    11/05/2013 at 8:30 pm

    Good fortune to you. Hope you find all that you seek and more.

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