Huddled in the Pews, the Gnashing of Teeth

It’s time to clutch hands in a big circle, Brothers and Sisters. The road might get a little bumpy from this point so hold tight. This is not the prelude to an apocalyptic ending some of us were expecting to witness. The pews are filling up quick here in this conceptual Church for us ass bleeding morons. Our nation had a population explosion some generations ago, the ‘baby boomers’. which should have given us a sizable attack force against inept legislators.  Sadly, the majority of those Boomers are now suffering, en masse, a world created of part societal ignorance and part technological advancement chaos.

A few days back I had jokingly suggested I open a Kickstarter campaign to fund moving me out of America. It doesn’t seem quite so humorous an idea now.  I’m sure there are a number of people out there willing to donate a few bucks to deport me to other borders so I now consider the Kickstarter idea a win – win scenario. I’ll fill the congregation in, via this blog, when I get that project up and running.

Americans continue to exist within classified subcultures of rich, poor and poorer. The rich keep getting richer, they tell us….hard to say for certain. I don’t know the rich. I do know the poor continue to be poor and the number of poor is on the rise.  Other countries show harsh poverty now as well, but America is supposed to be this shining beacon for them to copy, the living example of Capitalism winning superiority over Socialist behavior or Marxist ideologues. The Capitalist philosophy is still what many strive for but something horrible happened. Somewhere along the way Capitalism morphed into something less free and more methodical. The previous week news stories report on the Republican Party surging into a bills parlay approach before the House and Senate. They hit a hard political backhand over the net launching a move to shutdown government and defund Obamacare. Perhaps they plan to back and forth actions until the 2016 campaign.

We in the public sector have yet to put up an Egyptian sized stink on our governing leaders. We’re caught chasing our tails while decisions of a global proportion are being decided from huddled men in shaded rooms. Syria clashes, violence in Africa – we all wait to see if real smoke and fire kick up overseas in lands that will host our sons and daughters, our husbands, wives and fathers in battle.  A majority of world leaders can’t afford to get stitched into another costly conflict, but they must back their stance of zero tolerance for usage of chemical weapons. We now wait huddled in the pews, gnashing our teeth hoping someone makes the right fucking decision.

Here’s a thought; why don’t we update means of communication with our legislators and governing body? Banking institutions and large corporations within our public domain can operate and transact policy changes, et cetera, overnight, yet our politicians still rely too heavily on dogmatic practices established during times of World War – and prior. We can send our citizens into war with the blink of the proverbial eye, yet actions on health care costs or internal refurbishing of the American network utilities flounder within hallowed walls of Congress. Feebs. Politicians want to blame it on red tape or lack of cooperation from the opposing party. Documentation is too lengthy to read, hidden agendas slip within the pages of bills before Congress, they need to update this voting process to match the speed our society has accelerated into. Mending the infrastructure of this Capitalist nation should not falter – but it has.


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