Too Legit to Quit, Too Insane to Stop pt. 1


The infamous rapper/hip-hop artist, MC Hammer (Stanley Burrell) was making his way to the Mile High City for their annual 3 day event, the ‘Taste of Colorado” and once I found that out, nothing was going to stop me from seeing him. News out of Syria continued to shell the airwaves and blogosphere with no one really sure who was on whose side. Syrian officials warned the press that any actions taken against Syria by outside forces will not only become potentially hazardous, but may “instigate chaos throughout the world”. I needed a distraction from Damascus.

The ‘Taste’ is a three day event that I have an interest in , for the sake of watching the crowd, enjoying the music and taking notes on the unique form of chaos it creates for locals. Traffic on Colfax and surrounding streets within a 5 block radius are rerouted, bus scheduling is a total clusterfuck, refuse everywhere, drunken amateurs and all the general misfits of life hone in on the festivities. My primary interest this year was to have a big scoop of schadenfreude at the expense of Master Rapper Hammer. This entertainer had a blockbuster career that went up and down, dabbing his fingers into music and dance; his songs have been used in a number of television shows and movies but his tainted legacy stemmed from trash talking other rappers down and bad business decisions. For me, his moment of pure sellout came when he recorded “Addams Groove” (or “Addams Family Groove”) for the OST of the movie “The Addams Family“.  his persona slowly turned from a hustle and bustle hip-hop king to a sellout shill for the recording industry. I was anxious to see this man have to whimper before a carnival sized audience, tears streaming down his face while he blubbered out “you can’t touch this”.

Bashar al-Assad is the purported menace who released chemical weapon attacks that claimed the lives of hundreds of women and children. News from the Middle East continues to be a sketchy, a best guess game for reporters as the he said/she said dialogue leaves everyone unsure what is true and was is subjective, volatile mudslinging. The Obama Administration is now saying that there could be military intervention which leaves both major political parties passive to the public. Republican and Democrat politicos alike are not that anxious to stand up and rattle their sabres, Dems being the most likely to fend for humanitarian reasons. The problem is, no one is sure who the fuck to back in this dogfight. I think this quandary was very well stated in a letter from a Mr KN Al-Sabah who wrote:

Iran is backing Assad. Gulf States are against Assad!

Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood and Obama are against General Sisi.

But Gulf States are pro Sisi! Which means they are against Muslim Brotherhood.

Iran is pro Hamas, but Hamas is backing Muslim Brotherhood!

Obama is backing Muslim Brotherhood, yet Hamas is against the US!

Gulf states are pro US but Turkey is with Gulf States against Assad; yet Turkey is pro Muslim Brotherhood (and) against General Sisi. And General Sisi is being back by the Gulf States!

Welcome to the Middle East and have a nice day.

I’ll let your mind wrap around that one while I gather myself at the keyboard.




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