My Toe Back in a Puddle of LSD part 2


I would have no trouble recalling dozens of stories involving my use/abuse of LSD; that first trip taking blotter acid so latent with strychnine it caused me to vomit blood and stomach lining…but that was then, and this is now. The potency of the drug I took for my weekend was mild by comparison to the countless journeys I’d been on before, kind of a disappointment in some ways, perhaps for the best. Monumental hallucinations may have fared ill while trying to play band manager for all interested parties-especially the woman doling out cash for the band and the slight incident that came about while trying to get their pay.

The truly maddening point with all the misfits of entertainment and information being thrown before our eyes is that people may recognize that it’s predominately swill, but who’s doing anything about it? Everyone balks about dullards like Kim Kardashian – some half-wit that started her repugnant career by fucking a guy on tape – yet what have we done to stop her reign? Her brand of diversion is a scab on America’s lip but some clandestine person(s) with the power of a djinn keeps that tart on screen and making a far better paycheck than you or I will probably ever encounter. News hacks spew out time filler by the hour on CNN and program directors could care less about giving us the truth. Where are the Edgar R. Murrows of the 21st century?

I went into the bar to talk to the manager about the band’s pay and she told me the bar tab for the band was almost twice what they were going to pay the performers. What a line of shit! Perhaps the band had been drinking a bit but there is no way they could have claimed that much alcohol. The manager hands me less than what was agreed upon for pay (which already was a slap in the face-a pittance-not even close to being scale) and again tells me how much the band’s bar tab has run up to. Well I stare at her for a moment and try to read her expression but the delusions brought on by the acid made her face too hard to focus on. Multicolored ribbons, like cellophane, squirming over her cheeks and chin. The band members were flabbergasted, to say the least. Were we supposed to give the money back and still owe? Astonished at the bill and not sure what to do, we all eventually came to the consensus that we should a: walk out immediately and not offer the money back to cover the bar tab and b: take the money and go buy beer with it. This ended up being a great idea, which we followed through with.

So what conclusion should we pull from these points I bring up? I think the thing to get out of this post is, don’t settle – stop compromising. The decision to walk out on the tab and go buy beer worked out pretty good-in fact the band will be performing there again and life will go on. Stop sitting there thinking there’s nothing you can do about poor program selections and inadequate news coverage. Stand up against these big dogs and throw it back in their face. Take a fucking moment and write or email or phone the conglomerates that have ass-banged us into believing true art and culture reside in the fat cheeks of Honey Boo Boo. True artists, inspiring people with real talent, are out there trying to be noticed and if enough people turned off the tv for a weekend and patronized places that showcase musicians or theatrical performers, I think we would all be a little richer for the experience. Contact news organizations and demand better coverage of local, national and international news. Too many corporations are under the impression that the news is nothing more than a formula to walk their addicted fans to like dancing llamas on a rope. Stop settling…we did and the beer was great!


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