My Toe Back in a Puddle of LSD part 1


West Highlands, Colorado (considered part of the town of Westminster) is a perfectly lovely little town to visit while tripping. A year or so ago I added to my ‘bucket’ list to once again venture back into the twisted realm of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). I have kept in touch with other hallucinogenics, such as mushrooms and what-not, but that old chemical demon, LSD, had not crossed my lips for many years now The band I was going to patronize/manage had a gig in West Highlands and the evening was right and a friend of a friend gave me the opportunity to get some blotter so I knew it was time to put my toe back in a puddle of LSD.

World and national events continue to plaque our lives with morose political nonsense and misinformation – unemployment numbers get reported as looking good yet in fact the job situation seems to move or change very little. Whose reports can we trust anymore? News media has become a popularity pie that holds onto viewers like a vial of meth from a tweaker. The truth plays second fiddle to the subjective guidance of stories. If you don’t like Fox News then you’re probably gonna love MSNBC. If you like Brett Hume then you probably don’t want to even look at Rachel Maddow so you can focus on that, or you can ignore it all and turn on some daft ‘reality’ program that works to generate cyber pals for you to numb the night away. Reality shows…reality? Really? Reality programs are like the synthetic meat they just learned to create….it’s close to meat, but not really meat at all – and what an abhorrent process to go through to just to simulate and replace the original…..sinful.

I had taken the chemical early enough so as not to affect any heavy machinery I may have to operate but still within a time limitation that would allow me to enjoy some colorful nonsense while watching the band. I actually ended up on the quaint town west of Denver somewhat early so I spent some hours walking the streets, tripping the light fantastic (so to speak). People in Highlands take great pride in their gardens and patios, lush lime green foliage and brightly colored flowers. The typical xeriscape lawns most Denver/Aurora neighborhoods have wasn’t noticed here in Highlands. Vivid colors and tri-colored Victorian style homes – a true acid taker’s delight. One house held me captivated for a bit; on the outside wall of this green home they had mounted a gecko sculpture and a gargoyle peering over the front porch roof. These are the kind of things that can get one in a giddy giggling fit of happiness, imagining conversations, hearing voices…..my own reality show.

I keep putting my hopes on a ‘reality’ news show, but that probably won’t happen. We all have to discover what, where and who we choose to listen to for the truth about matters of our world. What is causing the unemployment situation, health care, foreign wars and a dozen other issues to behave the way they do is speculative, but hard numbers about the ups and downs of how many people are unemployed, have health care, etc., should not be as subjective as the media portrays it. Media analysts can argue that people will choose what they wish to watch but persuasive programing can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, metaphorically speaking. If you take away everything but mind numbing programs pitting witless young men and women against each other to win the affection of an increasingly bored audience, you can actually get people to think they enjoy it. Again…..sinful.

Well it certainly wasn’t the acid of my youth, that strong microbursting chemical surge that would have you seeing yourself literally melting onto the sidewalk, but it was okay. I’ve had enough bad trips to last me a lifetime so I wasn’t anxious to go that far off the pier, but I did want a bit of night lights, which this new cooked stuff provided. I kept in control enough (I hope) to perform my duties as manager – got the band drinks, patronized with the audience, shmoozed with the owners, all while under the heavy influence. Years of training on the chemical had me prepared to handle the most intense situations, although I have to admit there was one moment during the evening when a wine glass fell to the floor behind the bar and shattered – this about curled my skin off. My friend helped me maintain as we stood at the bar waiting for drinks. Certain non-hallucinogenic incidents happened to try and throw me off my game, like the midget I came across down the street at a wine bar and the deaf girl at the show who had to speak loud and a bit off, like Marleee Matlin…I had to hold it in. I came so close to freaking over the small man but held it together. Thank God, I needed no short person incident – me in a fight with a midget wouldn’t look good, especially all ticked on LSD.


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