Bloodshed in the Land of Pharoahs: pt. 2


I felt myself falling backward as the funkadelic music blasted through the stage speakers. This big fucking malamute was taking me down! I already anticipated racking my head and other body parts open on the concrete steps but somehow, I was okay with it. The only regret I would have is this could put a damper on the rest of the crowd’s evening-some old stoned motherfucker splits his head open like a ripe melon, show over.

Luckily the crowd was substantial in size and close enough to me that there was no avoiding my big ass. I came tumbling down on the group and a few dozen sets of hands cushioned me safely onto the steps….a mosh pit experience to be sure. I had forgotten about the strength a crowd can have.  Sometimes those crowds can help you when you’re really high and falling. Sometimes those crowds will even put their lives on the line in front of armed troops sent in to overthrow you and your kind………Egypt.

The fighting continues to this day, as I write this entry into the annals of the Church, and who can say where the violence will end up? Worse human atrocities build by the hour-by the fucking hour. Almost a week ago now, armed forces clashed with protesting citizens and cleared out a sit-in demonstration that reportedly killed more than 600 people. Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood retaliated two day later by taking to the streets with pistols and other weapons that brought about 35 more deaths to the toll, police officers included among the fatalities.

So while the crowd of hippies danced and smoked the evening away with me for two days in Denver, my mind kept focusing back in on the poor souls of Egypt and the violence they’re currently having to live with. Some will look at them and say this is no concern of ours and although Western society has no close dog in this fight, relations with people throughout our world is growing closer and closer with the advent of technology. We are closer in contact with knowing what’s going on in that part of the world-if we choose to pay attention-so what happens over there, can easily become a guidebook for what can go on over here. The paranoid ramblings of folks who feel our Government is going to take away our weapons and leave us defenseless against troop driven endeavors may have the future a bit over-painted, but I can see where they’re going with this perception. America hasn’t seen violence like this on her streets for a long time and do we really think we’re going to be any better equipped than some half mad Egyptian Muslim with a head full of hate? I wouldn’t want to bet on those odds folks.

So enjoy yourself while you can, get out there and dig on some live music, get a little fucking high, but when push comes to shove we should all educate ourselves on what is capable in a true life struggle of power. We should also not go into a span of hatred toward any group of people solely from their religious affiliation-who’s right in this battle? The Muslim Brotherhood supporters? The troops out there backing the individuals that threw out the elected favorites and put their own people in charge? I’ll close this subject for now but I feel there will certainly be more to ponder in the very near future. Until then, I dance the twirly dance with one eye on the blood gathering in the streets of the Land of the Pharoahs.


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