My Shag Lounge Political Nirvana pt. 2


I know you little libertine
I know you’re a real coocoo
-The Breeders, Cannonball

 “Get off the floor” I yelled at my drunk dark skinned friend. “There’s no way I can talk politics to you now that you’ve turned into some drunken sot!” Of course I was joking (mostly) by apparently the Asian girl at the bar didn’t see the humor. She had no idea about a previous arrangement between me and my friend to talk ‘politics and shit’. She starts laying into me with a shaking finger saying something to the effect of “stop hassling him-he’s just trying to have fun and you’re stomping all over that.”

 The one point my friend made with spot on accuracy before he hit the floor, falling off the stripper pole, was his suggestion that politicians take a lesson from the Pope. I don’t mean to literally say what the Great Pointed Hat Man said verbatim, I mean heed his lesson and admit to yourself-and to the world- that American politicians have hit an all-time low and it’s time to start working toward raising the bar a bit. If they (the Catholic Church) can begin getting back to the basics of helping humankind and stop getting involved in sex scandals, our politicians can certainly start getting back to helping the public and stop shooting pictures of their dick over the cyberwaves of communication. It’s not a flawless idea but certainly taking that first step couldn’t hurt. Day to day lives of people all over haven’t changed much since Mad George Bush was in office and here we are in the 2nd term of the Great Hope and Change. We have bridges that need building, healthcare issues to consider for a growing ratio of aging Americans and we end up with smug defiant Republicans and Democrats blasting pictures of their junk to chicks.

 Big ticket news item; the President has a stand-off approach to Vladimir Putin. Obama is under the media eye to see how he will handle the Russian leader and what might develop from that-this I would classify as of great importance but aside from that (on a national level) most things have remained the same for us. This is in the fifth year of the big party switchover and little steps have been taken from Democrats or Republicans that hasn’t come without great struggle. Fingers continue to point back and forth, legislation is held back and Anthony Weiner keeps hunting for strange.

 My Latino friend thinks it’s hilarious that the Asian girl is getting irate with me. She has become the second assertive Asian woman I’ve come in contact with while in a bar. She starts chumming up to my friend and I see a perfect match, made from the bowels of Hell…


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