Welcome to Weedville, USA pt. 1


No great political battles going on at the moment, no landmark case decisions on my mind so I decided to address a question that’s been thrown my way by a variety of friends and acquaintances living outside the borders of the Rocky Mountain state; ‘what’s it like now that pot’s legal in Colorado?’

That question came back on my mind Saturday night as I went for an evening of leisure – no big plans with friends, nothing predetermined on my quest other than to jump on the bus and head downtown. Some nights I’ll take the bus to town and discover nothing going on, others I become pleasantly surprised to discover an event or maybe just a social situation that bears witness to remind how precious, how deranged and how great life can be.

I headed down to the Colfax bus stop to wait for the 15L line. RTD runs two bus lines down Colfax from my neighborhood; the 15 and the 15L (L for ‘Limited’). Most people prefer the L when you can catch it because it doesn’t stop at every spot along the way to town and is typically a larger bus, which means you aren’t crammed in like Japanese transit. I had my dope, lighter and pipe in pocket and anticipated nothing while heading to town other than to get high and see what was brewing. I don’t always keep up with the calendar events in Denver, rather I stumble across them which makes it more exciting, less scheduled or predetermined. I love discovering and being surprised but the first surprise for me this Saturday I could have done without.

The L cruised along and before I knew it the bus was almost to downtown Denver, the corner of Broadway and Colfax where I typically got off to venture into LoDo (Lower Downtown) or over to Civic Center park to watch an event take place (if any). The bus stopped at the connecting line that would take you to 5 Points and passengers unloaded. After passenger departed the bus continued to just sit there, the bus driver acting as if he just zoned out into another dimension – no movement, stoic and paying no attention to the balking of those passengers on board who wanted to get moving. The comments went from “what’s going on?’ and what seemed like minutes later changed to “open the back door, motherfucker and let me off the bus”. A bus had pulled up behind us apparently because everyone started unloading soon, someone even mentioned that the 15 was right behind us. We didn’t have much further until we reached town so why not hop off and grab the 15? This driver had lost it somehow and no one wanted to hang around on the L anymore. For all we knew he might go completely off the deep edge and ram the bus into a building or some such shit.

I held out until most of the bus was cleared before I too decided to jump off. I turned to leave out the back exit when I saw Denver police officers approaching the bus. I overheard a passenger say the bus driver had called in backup because of a guy on the bus with a gun….there the gunman sat on the bus, not moving. Denver has had enough recent shooting problems to make people a bit tense about situations like this, myself included. Time to jump on the 15 and leave the gunman situation to the pros.


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