A Two Day Gay and the NSA pt 2


Saturday evening before the Gay Pride activities shut down for the night I was approached outside the venue gates by a wire haired speed freak trying to peddle some crank. I thanked him for the offer but declined, asked him if he any any oxys or vicodin. I suppose I just wanted to let him know I was drug friendly and not appalled by his scabby appearance. It wasn’t like I’d actually buy anything from this disheveled animal. Buying pot off the street downtown is one thing since it’s legalization here in Colorado. Hard core drugs like meth or crack are another story. Users in the park will try and slip you Ibuprofen for Oxycodone, take you for your money; There is definitely no honor among those thieves.
The speed freak smiled at me. “Oh why do you want to go down man…when you can go…up?” Damn, I thought. If going up means finishing the night looking like this crazed tweeker, I’d fucking pass. The guy was trying to be congenial, he even called a friend over to ask if he knew where I could get some opiates. The whole drug conversation was getting lengthy and boring and I just wanted out of there now. I planned on coming here tomorrow for day two of Pridefest. More dancing, more marijuana, more transvestite performances. The whole Saturday scene was spectacular, a lovefest for all where no one was being judged.

I did come back the next day and Sunday’s experience was just as fantastic as the day before. Small pow-wow gatherings of dope smokers bopping to the thumping bass and drums, ornate costumes adorned by multi-gender party people. Pridefest was a two day celebration of tolerance for one another spiced with a bit of the flare for lust. Music and love, tolerance and diversity-this is probably the closest this generation will come to the love-in era of the 60’s, and we were all doing a damn fine job of it. Yet as I pondered on those moments in the park, when I sat down and took it all in with a huge puff of weed, my mind kept going back to the conundrum of these NSA reports. I knew a majority of the sensationalized stories hitting the waves on Yahoo News and other media sources were nothing more than shock value writing, things mustered to frighten the public and keep them tuned in…yet, some of it was happening and I wasn’t sure how to feel about that. I told myself perhaps George Orwell did have it right, he just got the year wrong. Were we in the beginning throes of an Orwellian nightmare where Big Brother watched our every move? So many signs point to this as coming to fruition. Newspeak?  Look at the developing language we’ve created with texting one another using shortened words like idk and lol. Cameras are mounted on light posts for traffic control and every son of a bitch and his mother out there seems to be equipped with a phone, camera and access to the internet to spread your picture throughout the world whether you know it or like it. Hell we do it to ourselves-we post our current location with maps pinpointing exact cross streets on the internet. Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four does run some frightening parallels to what we now live in but one point we need to remember, we too are Big Brother.

The NSA, the FBI and similar clandestine groups throughout the world have always been spying on their people. Americans pretty much fucking insisted on it after 911 because we were rudely wakened to a new world where terrorism was hitting the streets of our good old USA. We want freedoms but we also want people to stop flying planes into our buildings or blowing off bombs at our marathons. The security needed to protect our country is of a magnitude most don’t stop to actually weigh so until someone comes up with a better plan, we may all have to tolerate some scrutiny. The average citizen now has access to a handheld device that is more powerful in data access and retrieval than the computers used to send men to the moon. Did we really expect to have our cake and eat it too? Did we expect to be able to post a picture of ourselves in a split second all over the world and still live in a world where our secret service uses reel to reel recorders to tape rotary dial phone conversations?

Technology has enriched our country’s  covert organizations just as the Iphone has enriched our lifestyles but no person, no organization or government entity has the workforce to keep a tally on every single person’s activities all the time. This was never more evident to me than looking at the masses of people at Pridefest getting stoned and drunk and dancing in ass chaps. Those ass chap stoned motherfuckers were on a two day hiatus from Orwell’s doomed world so the paranoid chattering of newshounds and propagandists would have to get back to them on Monday. Pridefest didn’t care if it was being watched. Two assholes the FBI recently caught in New York that developed an x-ray bomb probably were upset at being scrutinized (and discovered) by the government. The discovery and subsequent arrest of these two individuals came about after quite a lot of surveillance, not by just randomly searching through a crowd or retrieving phone data from every swinging dick in the Big Apple. Our country’s security agencies aren’t perfect. None of us are. There will be mistakes by the NSA and FBI and people in those organizations need to be held accountable when they do wrong but remember the core of what they are working for and against. I certainly feel we should fight to keep corrupt and heinous people out of those institutions but we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Go out and dance folks. Step back and take a look at the implied doom being created to keep you scared and coming back for more scary stories. The real horror is knowing how hard they’ll work to keep you frightened and tuned into them daily. Being scared from implied danger is a wasteful battle toward what could be, rather than what is…kind of like people being frightened of the GLBT  community by what some will imply of them rather than getting in the mix and understanding what this community of good people are really about.


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