A Two Day Gay and the NSA pt. 1


Those irritating reports, that stick in my craw put there from an assortment of media taunts on the National Security Agency faded away as I took a huge swig of everclear with a Vitamin Water chaser. Some twink in the moshed dance crowd I was captured in was passing around a fifth. I was going to take full advantage of any pain killing substance I could get my hands on. This was day two of a two day Gay Pride celebration in downtown Denver with clear blue skies beating ninety plus weather down on a stomping pit of dancing fools like myself. The crowds for the weekend event couldn’t have been more accommodating, entertaining performers, food and liquor, drugs and dancing. This was just what I needed to crawl away from those scarey stories of a Dystopian society we were all going to suffer soon, if not already.

The 2012 election has come and gone and the incumbent ebony messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, took the winner’s trophy for a second term. Republicans and Tea Party members everywhere kicked the dirt in disgust over that one but didn’t (and haven’t) stopped trying to do anything legally short of lynching the man in order to get him out of office. Doom and gloom continued to spew from Fox broadcasters and various radio personalities who remind me more of pissed off carneys than purveyors of  news. Every time a candidate wins you can expect the opposing party to brew up a stink however they can. I don’t blame them, it’s the nature of the beast. Politics can be like a drug deal; Everything’s fine when it goes your way but the moment things turn against you, it’s a pisser.

So Obama seized a second term in office and his opposition continues their quest to dethrone him. The birther plan didn’t work out once somebody paraded his birth certificate on the internet and regardless of whether you believe that certificate was legitimate or not, the story got swept away to make room for more scandals, like Benghazi, non-closure of Gitmo, a failed healthcare program and more. The most recent scandal now is this reported invasion of privacy from the NSA on smartphones and computers throughout the U.S.-wire tapping in the twenty-first century folks. Alleged data collection on all citizens-and not using those old fashioned reel-to-reel recorders, no, the new world NSA is up to snuff with state of the fucking art high tech gizmos and storage facilities well beyond terabyte capacity.

The reports left me blindsided, as stories of such caliber do, so the best way to purge my mind of the shocking insinuations  is to get out in the real world. Shut off the computer, turn off the news feed and go somewhere to forget. Pridefest seemed the perfect venue for me to do this so I packed up my drugs and camera and headed downtown. It’s like going for a brisk walk to clear your mind. Some things are so mind twisting that I really need a bit more than mere footsteps or a half hour of meditation. I needed some hardcore music, foot stomping dance among brightly decorated, loving people. I needed transvestites and pot, scantily clad people-anything but more stories on the NSA.


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