A Fond Farewell


Well folks, it’s time to close this dog and pony show down. I rode this thing about as long as I should so it’s best to call it quits and go out with s melancholy smile on my face. As I have written in past posts, the reason I started this blog was as a means of therapy for myself to deal with a harsh reality that left me penniless, divorced and on the brink of suicide. A lot of great friends out there helped as well they could, but the end point of coping with all this was on my own shoulders. I felt that by expressing myself through written tales of the different escapades I involved myself in, many involving nice quantities of drugs, I would help myself by some means of self atonement, and maybe even let someone else out there reading my tirades see that even a drug addled fool like myself could make lemonade out of lemons-occasionally.

My political analysis of local and federal issues and races is but one opinion among millions in this world. I never expected to persuade or coerce anyone to my way of thinking. My writing was no more influential than any other spork out there waving their fist at one party or another. My curiosity had me following Occupy protesters for almost a full year before coming to my own conclusions about their movement, which made for some interesting stories and hilarious insights-someone had suggested I write a full out book about all the stories, etc. I ran into on Colfax and Broadway, but I see nothing of merit to pass along. What you have read pretty well sums it up.

So off I go, venturing into things that I enjoy-a blog I write reviewing animated films here and a webcomic I write and draw here, I will have enough to keep myself occupied on the internet, and trust me, I will not slow down on my nightly travels one iota. I will more than likely end up at least once a week or so in a sweating lather of drugs and nonsense with my partner in crime, Eduardo, I will still scour the corners of Denver for the life that exists out there on the street, but the lack of readership on the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons is a sign that I should go on and leave this behind in favor of the endless stream of cute cat pictures people seem to be more attracted to, or those snappy comeback posters gauged to invoke class warfare. Political debate between friends and acquaintances is easy enough to stir up and typically ends up with someone putting an eye out so I leave that danger behind and thank those who read my blog when they could and hope you will think of me from time to time.




2 Responses to “A Fond Farewell”

  1. 1 John Stoughton
    09/26/2012 at 2:07 am

    Sorry Dave. It was a good run. Some very good writing and I am sure I am not the only one that noticed.


  2. 09/26/2012 at 2:57 am

    Whatever you do will be magnificent. I’m confident of that.

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