Farethee Well, Old Joe Biden

Legend has it that the Emperor Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned; I have chosen to smoke some weed and sip on a glass full of Dewars while the Democrats face self implosion. This is when politics gets good, when the ships starts going down and no one knows which way to run to get to the lifeboats. Old Joe Biden had done it again by going out in public and making some remark that ended up being the gaffe of the week. In all honesty I didn’t find the “back in chains” remark was that big a deal but in the world of grandstand campaigning this was enough. The Mars landing stories had dried up on the news networks and they needed some fresh swill to throw to the crowd-enter Joe and his ‘can’t keep my fucking mouth shut’ mentality. Excellence.

The biggest kink in the Obama campaign chain as of recent falls on the shoulders of the Great Hope and Change himself. Barack no longer has that fire in his belly, the passion that drove him to the Oval Office is gone. He’s like Rocky in Rocky III, he lost the eye of the tiger. That means that Mitt ‘Clubber Lang’ Romney will have that much easier time going in and busting him up. On top of that you put a bumbling Vice President in the mix paired up against your opponent’s newest weapon, Paul Ryan, and this will have a dramatic effect on the poll numbers. We have certainly had our share of Vice Presidents in the past that could be classified in the nincompoop department (Dan Quayle comes to mind immediately) and most people are forgiving to overlook some stupidity from the second in line to the U.S. throne, but NOT during an election year. One of the big pushover points against John McCain during his unsuccessful run for the White House sprang up from his choice of a Vice Presidential running mate who could mouth sass anyone but had the intelligence of a dirty ashtray.

So Joe does it again while small rabbit punches here and there work against Barack Obama. Blog rumors whisper hints that Hillary Clinton may be asked to step in and take over as VP, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defies the President’s immigration stance, video on the truth behind the President’s history/birth certificate debate continue to draw attention. If the President wants to make it another term he had better come up with some goods real quick, because he has ridden the “I killed Bin Laden’ horse long enough and as slow as progress is going in this country, Americans are impatient bastards and will not sit through another term of mediocre achievements. They will cut off their nose in spite of their face if they don’t get enough action from their leaders-and be that right or wrong, they will oust the President.

Time for more scotch and pot while I watch the empire burn.


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