The Ten Pound Hammer pt. 2

Eduardos car sat next to a street light in City park, shaded with the overhang of a tree, while this fine mist continued. The senses come alive when one is on cocaine and the slightest breath along your neck or a drop of cold water on the scalp an send shivers of delight down your spine and shudder breathes on your lips. Me and my latino homey got out, firing one more time before leaving the car to go walk over to where the bikers were cycling in a circle to some undistinguished dub thump from huge outdoor speakers. We began working our way through the park through this huge pocket of ink dark shade that was provided by the trees and I heard Ed say “hold up, I gotta take a piss”. Sounded like a good idea to me so I did the same.
“Man” I heard him say to me while we watered the park. “Do you feel that rain on your dick? That feels so wicked bro”, then he laughed this squeeking kind of laugh. I agreed that I had felt rain on my junk and yes, it did feel wicked. Wicked good.
“Oh man this feels to good” I said, or something like that, then started stripping off my clothes.
“what the fuck you doing, Dave?”
“-Taking off my clothes. It feels fantastic, you should do it.” The exhibitionist in me let loose, which really doesn’t take much to release that bug-and enhanced with drugs? I was all over that 60’s hippie feeling, free and groovin’, in the dark area of the park where neither of us stoned nudists could bother anyone or really be seen; the most that one could possibly make out would be a silhouette of me or Ed. The raving music echoed into the pit of darkness where we were and me and Ed started dancing it up there while mist poured rai8ned down on us, alive and dancing with the thrust of the ten pound hammer. We needed to make sure we kept track of where our clothes-and the coke-were but I tell you there was no bigger feeling of freedom than this and in spite of what many believe, it was not all brought about by the drugs. The evening, the dancing, all the people in the park just having a great fucking time and leaving the woes of work or unemployment or horrible presidential election choices, Batman movie murders-everything was sitting somewhere on some shelf. The problems were not in the dark green comfort of City park, there was only contentment.

So what did I take from that little jaunt in the park with Ed? What moral can be told of this tale? I guess if I would say anything it would not be ‘go out and get all fucked up on coke’…..that worked for me, that night, that moment, but the drug was more a catlyst, a guide to the real cherry. The thing I achieved was the knowledge of being okay with not saving the world. So many people believe if you vote this way the world will be saved. Vote for this man, vote for that one…what was that line from the Temptations song Ball of Confusion?…”vote for me and I’ll set you free!.” We should all be good citizens, try to do the right thing, support good causes and hand a bum a dollar now and then, but if our favorite elected official doesn’t make it into office this time, the world will not end….and if the world does end I would rather not spend those last days shaking my fist at the sky crying ‘why?’. I would rather go out knowing that for some of the time on this big blue marble, I was able to smile as I danced naked in the park.



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