Eduardo and the Ten Pound Hammer pt. 1

All the political hysteria, all the commentary and drama that oozes out of the media machines we all huddle around to get our daily dose of what is purported to be the ‘news’-I had to jump off that train Wednesday evening. After the fatal shootings down the street from me that took the lives of innocent individuals wanting to pay good money to see a movie, I needed some solace. There is little comfort to escape in the presidential campaign news these days, as it all seems to break down to a bunch of useless flotsam so what better way to escape it all than to hook up with my hazardous Latino acquaintance, Eduardo.

Wednesday evenings are the scheduled time in Denver for Cruise Night, an evening when people of all ages, shapes and genders party and ride bikes to driving music blasted over speakers. Crowds of rave bouncing dancers, glow sticks and costumes and now and then you may see someone piping up some weed. I love to go down midweek and engage in this festive atmosphere which en locale, switches between being downtown at Civic Center park, or locating just east of downtown in the Denver City park. At any given moment the crowd can switch and say “everyone is meeting here”, which starts a mass exodus to the new established party spot. The crowd was diverting to City park;I was downtown and getting ready to hop the bus over to City park when my phone showed a call coming from Eduardo. This should make for some fine entertainment to take my mind off the troubles of the world-for a while. Ed told me he had a surprise to show me so I asked him to come pick me up downtown and we’d go fly over to City park. What’s the surprise, I asked him. “A ten pound hammer.”

I had no idea what the fuck that meant so I waited until he showed up in his nondescript auto. I jumped in and hit him immediately with a query about the hammer. He pulled out a small bag of white powder; “cocaine motherfucker!” Shit. It had been years-decades, since I’d touched the white stuff. Coke is an expensive drug, hard on the body after prolonged use and usually leads to some messed up scenarios due to the clusterfuck logic your mind adapts after ingesting the stuff. What the hell I thought, not like I’m paying for it so I pushed some up my nose and Ed took another hit as well. “Shit hits you like a ten pound hammer” he shouted and pushed the car down Colfax to the new Cruise Night location. Ten pound hammer indeed. I had forgotten how hard cocaine can stimulate the body and all it’s senses. Coke is one of those drugs that is great for physical activity, like fucking or dancing, not one to take and go into cerebral pontification-cocaine logic is messed up. As we parked the car and snorted a bit more I knew the night had only just begun.


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