The Abhorrent Mr. Chicken

Sad news today in our country as some people discovered, possibly for the first time in their lives, that some people have different opinions than them. I stood outside leaning against my friends van, smoking some weed, while I contemplated this. My friend had gone into some charming little cottage duplex that was alleged to harbor a coke dealer, while I stood outside in the misty rain wondering what in the fuck is up with some people. Are we seriously going to get in arguments over a fucking chicken sandwich? Dear God no wonder this country is crumbling like Rome.

A July 18th article reported Dan Cathy, president of Chic-Fil-A, had expressed his Christian value based idea on gay marriage to the Baptist Press. Cathy was quoted as saying “Chic-fil-a is very supportive of the family, the biblical definition of the family unit.”  This sent a disapproving crowd of protests from individuals that were appalled by the statement running to organize protests against the chicken sandwich food chain. The organized boycott, in turn, produced a backlash protest from people across the country  supporting Cathy’s personal ideals and/or freedom of speech.  Now Chic-Fil-A has turned in a better profit margin for the week, the protest dwindles, and nothing is learned.

In order to stand up in favor of religious freedom you must include groups you won’t necessarily agree with-hell, those you think are the epitome of evil itself but remember, once you attack another person’s beliefs, you open the door for them to come after you. If you wish to change what you consider a homophobic prejudice in this world, you don’t want to start censoring people from getting a chicken sandwich-then you’ll have people mad at you for taking away their meal, their freedom of choice on what cancerous fast food they choose to swill down. If Dan Cathy had come out and said his company takes a percentage of it’s profits and donates them to sweat shops in Yugoslavia, I think most people would be in agreement and not support this food chain, or if he had stated that his company would refuse service to married gay couples then sure, you would have a case on your hands but if any person chose to believe in God, Buddah or the Sacred Bleeding Merken then by the time my chicken sandwich is eaten and craps itself away, my connection to his life will be absolved. God (in metaphor) loves us all, we are all human and may get a bit bend sideways on our ways of thinking but don’t alienate yourselves further from reaching out a hand to another person by insisting they follow your train of thought, your beliefs, one hundred percent.

The argument may be made that the implications of this support for hardcore (or mainstream if you will) religious beliefs make gay people and those who support gay freedoms feel uncomfortable. I would hazard to guess that nine out of ten people going in a fast food restaurant could care less about your lifestyle. Rather than argue about the religion of this company’s president, I would rather we stood in agreement that the sandwiches cost too much.


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