Let it Be

I recall being against a wall, paralyzed from a huge lung full of salvia smoke, leaning against a white stone pillar that edged Civic Center Park in downtown Denver, laughing inside my head as I realized I was incapable of moving. My brain was totally functional but my body ceased to react to my commands. I could do nothing but lean against the wall and wait until my body functions came back. I had slowly worked my way up on dosages of this wicked shit, cutting it with marijuana to lessen the effect, gradually building it up each time; this time I had hit that magic point that left me immovable like some statue in the park. I’m just grateful I was against a wall when it hit or I would have fallen face first onto the concrete.

Yes, I have abandoned my addiction to American politics these last few weeks and replaced it with periods of wonder and joy, happiness and creativity. The back and forth squabbles between Democrats and Republicans has produced an increasing amount of hidden hostility and futile efforts toward subjugation which left a foul taste in my mouth. National media no longer even attempts to give us unbiased information, leaving me to rely on overseas reports for a better stab at ‘fair and balanced’ news. Our presidential races are typically laced with pomp and circumstance but opinion polls have swayed this year’s election coverage to focus on negative ads and finger pointing sessions rather than try to fill us with true hope and change. The frustration that comes from a lack of accomplishment is tearing at the fabric of our nation and has people angered with one another, something akin to the divisive arguments this country suffered during it’s Civil War. Even as recent (relatively speaking) as the Reagan years, our congresspeople would butt heads and talk with one another about bills and agendas, but at the end of the day they could still sit down with one another, enjoy a drink and raise a toast of civility to one another. Our congress no longer meets with each other, no longer talks to one another. Ideas are not shared for fear the opposing party might use points in the conversation as ammo against them-job security has become more precious than sharing diverse opinions and ideas.

Once I was able to get my legs working again I walked among crowds of raving bicycle riders, all draped in costume with glow sticks and fairy wings as techno music blared out into the night sky. This was ‘Cruise Night’; a midweek celebration where people of all ages, races, sexes and sexual orientation gather to ride bikes, dance and enjoy the company of one another. There is no political agenda here, no ‘us versus them’ mentality, it is a night to smile and be happy. I tell myself that this is what I need to remember whenever I get too frustrated from the back and forth swill our politicians dole out in hopes of securing themselves a job for a few years. I need to remember the togetherness of everyone that evening and know that that is what truly makes life the best, makes it worth living.

Perhaps you have found these moments, maybe not amidst a crowd full of ravers while you were bent on drugs but maybe when you were with a group of friends at a picnic, maybe out for the evening to listen to some local musicians-whatever it is, go out and enjoy life and stop trying to fix the world for a while. The politics and treachery will always be there whenever you need to come back for a little save the world session, just remember to separate it from the happy and creative experiences in life. The ‘system’ always seems to need fixing, but the good times in life are fine just the way they are.


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