Western Political Tirades; QOL in the Land of MAO

I want you to take a good look at the image at the top of this article for a moment and see if it drums up images of a futuristic city promised to Americans. Back when magazines like Popular Science or Omni fed our dreams with visions like the one atop this post, a promise of an advancing society for all, we believed that one day that would all be ours to savour. Now realize that this is no Photoshop concept pic, this is a real shot from the skyline of current day Shanghai. This was the city I was led to believe would be the look of 21st Century US, and here is stands in all it’s glory, in the land of Mao. Meanwhile our country’s malls and business districts slowly decay, like our economy, while we as a nation stand by and squabble with one another over the dissuasion our media feeds us in an effort to keep a healthy viewership rating. If you keep listening to the garbage they feed us as mainstream, important news, they get to keep their lights on. As long as they have us fighting amongst ourselves why should we have to worry about advancing the QOL (Quality Of Life) in the USA?

The Chinese economy has worked for years to invest on an international scale with low cost items (i.e. McDonald’s Happy Meal toy manufacturing, clothes, almost every piece of merchandise put on your local Walmart’s shelf) and now, after years of being an export-driven country, will soon (if not already) turn the tide and become a domestic driven society. In other words, they can stop selling us shit because they will be able to sell it to themselves and sustain a healthy economy for all of fucking China-think about that, all of China. Housing prices in Beijing have risen for the first time in months, the western province of Xinjiang is at the forefront in renewable energy supplying solar power to a huge area that years ago had no electricity. The standard of living and the quality of life for Chinese citizens continues to aspire while we in this great free nation thrust our efforts at checking into the authenticity of our President’s birth certificate and Mitt Romney’s involvement with past lucrative financial deals.

What the fuck happened here folks? Where are the advancements in the areas of science and technology? We were once the forerunner in space exploration, car manufacturing, health and medicine….and now Americans want to sit around and debate whether or not the nation is falling apart due to immigrant overflow. Opposing political advocates waste their energy bickering back and forth and what do we gain from it? So many people are head strong in the belief that the one leader who sits in our country’s Oval Office will be the make or break of this nation. I think that’s a bit sidetracked to put all that blame or responsibility in one person’s hands. No one person can fix what ails us, it will take a nation.

So based on that theorem you may wonder, who is the right person to follow in this year’s election? Irrelevant for the most part. Go back to my previous statement-it will take a nation. We all need to work at investing in this country again, selling the American product to not only ourselves (domestic driven society) but to the countries of the world (export-driven society) in order to gain momentum once again and be the pulse of what drives individuals throughout the world to look at America as a great nation. Right now we stand on the brink of global humiliation. Forget about the problems of the Euro market, they fell victim to the shadow economics of China just like we did. Pay little attention to the micro money boom of Dubai because oil will run out and then all that is left for them is the money they seem to be blowing at an alarming rate.

The first solution to this mess is admitting that their is a problem. The second step will be to plot a course of action-stop pointing the finger at phantom conspiracies and use that energy to develop something great. Our country’s roads and rail systems are crumbling, our schools teeter on the edge, nothing new and exciting is coming off the assembly line here except the latest Marvel Comic blockbuster movie (that costs $14 to see). Be inspired to help this country grow again and if you need inspiration, just look at that picture at the top of this blog post again.


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