Damascus Terror Amidst National Gun Hustle

The Syria story hit me while I was downtown among the casual enjoying the carnies and performers; downtown Denver is turning into downtown Boulder as far as the walking traffic goes…Pearl Street still has better shops but in spite that, the locals love it here. Earlier in the day I had heard some quick reference about something happening in Damascus ( more specific I learned later, Turaymisah, Syria)but obligations held me prisoner until the evening hours when I could escape to the streets and relax. After arriving there and sedating myself I stopped at a Starbucks and actually made a purchase so as not to just Wifi-Jack their internet. The news blurbs hitting the internet were showing crude, first run video of destruction over there. News continues to leak out a little at a time and our news agencies stand by to give us all the latest on that explosive cluster fuck as quick as they can get it.

In contrast, murmured stories here in the U.S. are erupting on various gun blogs and websites, speaking on this evil doom that ‘threatens our constitutional rights’ . A General Assembly was to be held in New York City and Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) is leading the online charge to fight against this UN Gun Ban which is alleged to prohibit handgun ownership. Now that would be something to bring some life back into this campaign, have Obama and Mitt get on the pulpit to tell us what they intend to do about the UN gun issue-and how involved they feel the U.S. will become in whatever new crisis pops up like an ugly zit in Syria? Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Secretary-General of the United Natons, Kofi Annan, both gave their one liners to express outrage-oh,  and the Syrian Army is probably not done yet.

Now that, is a protest folks. This is one pissed off group of people, one angry country. The back and forth prattle we witness in our presidential circus act is really moot next to these kind of reports coming out of the Middle East. Obama wants Romney to come clean on his record with Bain Capital, Romney wants Obama to apologize for his attacking remarks about the Bain Capital. Really? I think by now a majority of the public knows who they will vote for in the fall, no turnaround miracle philosophy is going to change the mind of a devout Republican or Democrat so rather than bring up these silly little rabbit punch issues, why not bring out the real heavy roundhouse punches? Address the issue our nation fears on this purported attack at our citizen’s right to bear arms. International sanctions against Syria did nothing but piss them off so bad that they claim to be ready for an All Out-will we be sacrificing more of America’s youth to play failed police in another Middle East location? Some real hardcore drama is taking place out there, we need to hear some hardcore answer.


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