In Search of the Lost American Dream

Decades ago a lot of us were led to believe that if you worked hard, you could become anything-at the very least, you would live a good life with home, security and the ability to take care of yourself. Now in the later years of life that promise mocks me like a stinging insult. I ran into two more people this week who have lost work and have had to downsize their living arrangements dramatically. True, some of you are fortunate to have built a nest egg and have good jobs, live pretty well and are still able to take vacations once or twice a year. Some are not so fortunate and frantically scrape what money they can to survive off the cheapest food available, no medical coverage at all and wondering when this might change for them-if ever. The American Dream of owning your own car, annual trips to visit some place to get away fro it all, Christmas gifts for the kids-these are not the norm anymore, they are becoming a luxury. A third world habitation is sprouting up in larger numbers across our country and no one can foresee when a boost to our nation’s economy to raise the standard of living will happen.

I have listened to dozens of stories from individuals on the street, homeless victims of the job/economy demise and in spite what popular material may tell you, the majority of the people out there are not alcoholics or mental cases, yet much more time spent out there may drive them to these ends. Political squabbles continue between Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members and others over what politicians are lacking to do in order to overcome our country’s great financial obstacles. I ask you this; what the fuck has the common person been doing to help overcome these obstacles? So often we jump up and cry foul at our elected officials as if we expect them to rid us of all these problems. That means we are putting trust in the same basic organization that runs your DMV-what a cluster fuck of an idea that is.

Summer is passing by very fast and soon Autumn will be upon us. The November election is closer at hand and we, the general public, are left with a handful of penny ante stories over which Presidential candidate did what little insignificant nothing, which is blown way out of importance as far as the grand scheme of things goes. I challenge you to go online and start looking at images of new architectural buildings from India, Dubai, Shanghai and Bangkok. Look and read about the advancements in supersonic trains in China. Read up on the latest automotive technology from Germany-it will blow you away. Do an impartial comparison of health care coverage from other countries and put it in perspective to the United States. You must be able to see how far this country has slipped behind in all areas of advancing our society. Where the hell is that American Dream?

So rave on and fight amongst yourselves, rally behind bullet point statements from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Keith Oberman and every paid antagonist out there that makes their huge salaries by creating adversity and dissension between you and me. But maybe if we work together we can all help the collective society to better itself….Socialism you say? I say Socialism needs to screw Capitalism and create a new baby, bring forth an economic renaissance not master planned by politicians, not blue printed by just the haves, but the have-nots as well. Hell rich people are starting to give up their citizenship for tax purposes. Elderly folks continue to sneak across our borders to obtain affordable pharmaceuticals-is this the country you want to believe in? Before you start balking about standing behind the flag, help make it worth something to stand behind again.


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