Political Rabbit Punches; Death of a Movement

The perfect blend for summer-a mixture of huge doses of political disappointment with one hundred plus temperatures, clinic quality drugs, fires burning out of control and the remaining embers of a national movement gone stale. The last week or two of my life has been peppered with night time activities spread throughout Denver and surrounding cities; me, jumping on board the party wagon to celebrate all that summer has to offer, deluding myself with knock you on your knees weed (and other pills and liquor), integrating myself in conversation with friends and total strangers and relieving myself of the political spectrum for a bit. The presidential war wages on with a litany of predictable campaign rallies and cheap political shots, mere rabbit punches, to both candidates making a run for the 2012 White House, yet too much of this penny ante bandstanding from the media and the web left me feeling hollow. Who’s right, who’s wrong? Democrats nibble the airwaves with mincing slurs against the Romney camp while antagonists on air and off throw cans of garbage at the Obama machine.

Last week alone managed to scrape together some bland headlines from the campaign trail to throw at the public, as if these were life threatening reports paramount to any other issues. Both Dems and Republicans claimed victory on the Supreme Court immigration law incident, Romney’s campaign held a golf outing in Utah to treat attendees to speeches on alleged key issues (healthcare, financial services industry) from the likes of Condoleezza Rice and Jeb Bush-it’s fucking Utah folks, anything spoken there is harmless and meaningless. What else played out you ask? Well, the Obama re-election group threw together a commercial stating Romney shipped U.S. jobs to China and India. That’s kind of like twelve guys involved in a gang rape pointing the finger at one amongst them. Jobs have been going to China and India for quite some time now and I think every (current) politician in office had involvement in one way or another with that. One of my favorite reports came out giving air time to Herman Cain giving Romney advice on selecting a vice presidential running mate. I thought we got rid of that bastard when he got caught trying to fuck some white woman….that’s where our politics have gone, we are now reporting stories on advice given from alleged sexual predators. Certainly you can see how this had fouled my mind and forced me to walk away to clear my head.

So after taking a breather and getting in touch with real people and enjoying the company of those out there wanting to take in all that summer has to offer, I weighed the events that I stumbled upon last week and felt the true presence of a visual icon, a painting of reality, that struck me as I walked by Civic Center park in downtown Denver, that glorious bastion of insanity that played host for so long to the Occupy Denver zombies. The site now sits dormant of political activity and has grown back to it’s natural form, supporting the drug dealers and two or three wandering homeless folk. No more protests, no dedicated numbers of defiant citizens, just another lazy day of summer in the park. Both local and national news sits in my mind like an old bowl of oatmeal, crusty on the edges, bland, no attraction whatsoever. My senses are prickled by the liveliness of real people coming together and enjoying one another with music, spirits and food, dancing til we drop-no political differences here, no sign waving confrontations, just living for the day. My advice would be to go out there and do it folks, grab it and enjoy because the petty bickering that pounds the airwaves on supposed really important events will be there tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.


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