A Tejano Boost for Romney; the Zombies Reticent Swan Song pt. 1

I had no idea exactly where in downtown Denver I was being dropped off, but as soon as I stumbled out of the Peace van I heard screaming coming from somewhere close. Lots of screaming, men and women-had I smoked too much and imagined this or was it really happening? Then I realized what those deafening, blood curdling cries were about….my friend had dropped me off in the parking lot of Elitch Gardens Amusement Park. I had been riding in the back of one of those old school hippie vans, the kind with no back windows, carpeting on the walls, huge-ass hookah bolted to the floor and speakers blaring out an old classic album I requested, Electric Ladyland…Jimi Hendrix……wave on brothers and sisters, wave on.

Encapsulated national media coverage was raging through my portable electronic newshound, a trustworthy handheld device I carry with me downtown, as well as a bag full of assorted mischief-drugs, weapons, card keys to various buildings in LoDo I managed to scavenge. Time was of the essence. I needed to pace down 16th Street through the heart of Lower Downtown Denver to Colfax and Broadway. I briefly stopped by a Starbucks to highjack some wifi along the way, which is where I ran across the news story predicting Mitt “Filet O Fish White Boy” Romney would take the needed votes out of the Lone Star state to push him over the 1,144 delegates he needs to win that huge primary. If this does happen (as predicted) he will be the bona fide Republican nominee for President of these United States.

I had to get to the zombie camp as soon as possible. These national news stories were certainly entertaining but this was the twenty ninth of May. This was to be the make or break showdown between Denver Police and the Occupy forces, Mile High chapter. One of the zombie leaders had promised me a big shake-up down here today and I wanted my pound of flesh, my gallon of blood. Local law enforcement and various town goons had flocked together and created a ‘no camping’ ordinance which was to be implemented, full force, on this 29th day of May, 2012. This meant they would begin to come down on the Occupiers like a hard rain and begin handing out citations, hauling people off to jail and generally fucking up the works for the street squatters. Damn the distractions of the Ipod stories on the presidential campaign-I could always come back to that later over a hot Americano and some more devil weed. Right now I wanted to see what kind of bloodshed may have befallen the protesting zombie stronghold.

I whisked down the street, not waiting on the LoDo shuttle to show up. I would catch the free service bus that ran the 16th Street corridor as it caught up to me but until then I hoofed it past the street performers and gypsies while Rage Against the Machine blasted through my earbuds:

“So I’m Rollin down Rodeo wit a shotgun
these people ain’t seen a brown skin man
since their grand parents bought one”

 High energy tunes to help me jaunt through the parade of shysters and pimps on 16th. Earbuds help me ignore the pleas for cash or the senseless jabber people throw at me. I keep my focus on the Occupy protesters. They’ve had the entire day to put up a fight or be hauled away, bloodied and beaten. The shuttle does show up and I ride it the remaining blocks that take me adjacent to the looming Denver Post building, that dying dinosaur  tabloid publishing house which sits as a tribute to an era almost forgotten. I begin to relax to a sauntering pace as I close in on Civic Center Park-Zombie Central. Some street dealer tries to sell me some mescaline and although I’m tempted to take a dose and let it get real crazy down here, I check my funds and decline-for now.

Texas going for Romney didn’t surprise me that much and I imagine most of you were not shocked by this tidbit of information. Political rubbish is being passed around regularly leaving us to sort through what is valid, important information to guide our decision on who to pull the lever for, and who to pull against. The eyebrow of interest to raise should be for the Texas Senate race which is heating up right now to take the seat left open by retiring Tejano Kay Hutchinson. It’s turned into a money spending frenzy in the big state of Texas, $25 million reported to have been spent already. There is nothing like watching the devious ploy of a rancid Texas politician, an abomination to stare at with wonder and horrified awe. Those creatures down there waltz around with pig iron balls the size of cantaloupe, the true epitome of Texas pride. I lived in Austin for a number of years and found their politicians to be a dastardly bunch, almost as devious as Chicago politicians-not quite, but pretty fucking close.

I quickly thank the dealer for his offer but pass by and wait for the light to cross Colfax, into the den of self created inequity; the Lair of the Political Zombie.


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