Weasels on the Prowl; Zombies Last Hurrah?

Here I go folks, circling in on the latest border wars, reporting to you from Pulpit Central at the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons. My trusty three dollar glass pipe is at hand and crammed full of this wicked concoction I’ve developed; a quantity of pot, Jimson weed and a bit of 20X salvia…you can buy anything online now days so supplying myself with a moderate amount of datura and salvia is not that difficult. I’m curious to find out if I could order some scopolamine online; why not? Blow some of that wicked Devil’s Breath on my menacing compadre, Eduardo and make him my mortal slave.

So arming myself with some really potent smoking material I made my way downtown over the last few days to take survey on the last lingering days of the Occupy Denver movement at Civic Center Park in the heart of the Mile High City. Between these recent jaunts to Broadway and Colfax I have been keeping tabs on the Presidential campaign, a less motivating election can not be remembered (in my mind). Perhaps the Ford/Carter election came close, that was the first one I remember being able to vote in. Carter was such a shoe-in for the job that the pre-election hooplah was for the most part  a beige colored room of uninspiring flotsam for voters to get behind. Everyone was coming off the betrayal of our nation by Richard M. Nixon, which meant Gerald Ford didn’t stand a chance. Anything with a hint of flavor from that Administration was to be completely wiped off the palette, hence, Carter won the election.

The scene at Broadway and Colfax is a sad sight indeed, especially after the months I had spent seeing the struggle this movement went through-almost a year now. The green grass park that once held tents and banners and protesters now sports debris and rotting food, pigeons and squirrels flock in huge numbers to eat the scraps thrown on the ground by the zombies. The group is looking more feral than ever, a pustluous gaggle of aging skateboarders and mind dead war veterans. Some true activists work hard to try and hold the whole thing together but the ship is sinking fast.

A local radio show talk host here in the Denver area has unearthed a source for the latest attack on the Great Hope and Change, Barack Obama: Andrew Breitbart unleashed a new launch of a smear campaign on the President. A discovered 1991 promotional booklet printed which highlights Obama as having been born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. This is very much in the classification as a conspiracy at this point, unless more investigation into this pamphlet can be verified. I love a good conspiracy folks, regardless of the truth or lack thereof, conspiracies grease my mind with am insane lust to hear the rest of the story.

I chatted with the best thing to a leader the Occupy Movement has. I can’t remember what her name is, or her street name for that matter. I do know this lady has been arrested as many times, if not more, than any of the protesters down here. So this higher echelon zombie tells me they (the Occupiers) had been busy fighting behind closed doors among city officials, trying to thwart the no-camping ordinance that will start coming into play on May 29. The police are supposed to be enacting their efforts in the LoDo area, only a few blocks away from the established zombie den on Colfax. The Occupier spokeswoman raised her eyebrows at me and put on this shit eating grin. “We’ve got something planned on the 29th”. I tried to get her to elaborate.

I light the pipe back up and ignore any hallucinations that try to distract me. I will finish this report but must give you a break as well as myself, collect and process the information I started to feed you, collect my thoughts, thinking back on my vision from Sunday of the Crazy Jesus Lady in some ruffie-esque fog.


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