Anticipating the Political Camel Clutch

In retrospect, my comparing this election to a boxing match is a slur on that sport and I withdraw any references to it as such. The 2012 run for the White House is definitely more closely related to WWE. I view boxing as a more refined challenge, dodge and jab, move and counter punch; this race is more about sneaking up behind your challenger with a folding chair and smashing him in the fucking kidney or hammering his head into a turnbuckle. The dirt being thrown around by those who just can’t stand the incumbent Commander in Chief may be taking it’s toll on him. A quick look at the score cards show Romney receiving a fifty percent favorable view by the public, a fact I’m sure many would have scoffed at in early 2011. Denizens on board the active political scene are crying out for documented proof behind the Great Hope and Change’s mysterious past, a resurgence in the birth certificate issue, along with proof of various school records, et al. Colorado Congressman from the 4th Congressional District, Mike Coffman, addressed a fundraiser crowd and during his typical stump speech plea for money, told the audience “I don’t know if Barack Obama was born in the United States or not.” Heavy shit to lay down from a politician’s mouth, something I would more expect from a disgruntled talk show call in fan. The slams and slurs continue while Barack Obama continues to get out there and get things moving, get something accomplished to weigh behind a track record that growing numbers of voters feel is not quite enough.

I feel the President is trying to take a page out of the Bill Clinton book of re-election but what he should be doing is recognizing that the winner in this race may not be the individual who is more qualified or has the best success record. The sad truth is if he wants to win the White House for another term, he needs to make the public hate that big Republican Filet O Fish, Mitt Romney. Obama took the 2008 election not because people thought his track record was that good-truth is, most people didn’t know that much about his performance record. The one thing most people during the ’08 election could agree upon was that George W. Bush was a complete screw-up, which had overwhelming numbers of voters wanting to lash out at the Republican party to stomp it into the ground. Obama had enough charisma to outshine the evil snarling vet, John McCain, but now the tides of politics are faltering and people want to shove an angry fist in the face of those in charge. They have lost their hope and change isn’t happening fast enough….now’s the time for that white bread Mormon to knock him with a few sucker punches, hand him the infamous Camel Clutch hold made so famous by the Iron Sheik.

America is a lot like the crowd at a WWE fight. We have very little patience to sit and wait for effect to take hold. Perhaps a lot of that comes from the fast paced society we have become accustomed to, smart phone technology allows so much of our lives to run at meth-induced levels so maybe we have become so used to instant gratification that we are almost incapable of letting the slow tide of economic recovery take hold…..maybe. Or maybe because of the advancements our tech world has created we have come to know how quickly other things in our lives can get done so why is political gameplay different? Most individuals have a limited amount of time each day to devote to tracking bills being passed or other government affairs, and so many of us end up relying on the fast paced pro media interpretations of what’s on….subjective analysis at it’s most pandered to mentality.

So like it or not, this election seems to be taking a swing to mimic pro wrestling, in my opinion. It doesn’t matter who is best to lead the country, it only matters who the crowd hates the most. Fear not folks, the race isn’t over, so if you are a supporter of the Great H and P, don’t count him out yet. Just like those matches where you thought Hulk Hogan was down for the count, amazing things happened in the world of staged theatrics from those men in tights and we all remember seeing the Hulkster rise from the ground, revived and reborn with the strength of a Mack truck, and we all watched him proceed to unleash a mighty can of whoop-ass on his opponent. Obama could do the same to ole’ Mitt, he just has to prepare himself to get a little dirty…and after all, aren’t we all used to dirty politics by now?


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