One Vote Up, One Vote Down

The Denver City Council voted on two hot topic items yesterday and now that the ink has dried on those the No Camping ordinance will start being enforced in toto in about a month, leaving time for any of the Occupy zombies, day walkers and assorted misfits to pick up their squalor and vacate the premises; in more specific location terms, Civic Center Park. Qualm assessments from local Plutocrats tell us that this is for the best solution to the growing homeless problem in Denver and the fact that efforts to enforce this law will be focused a block from the state capital is coincidental. I feel the entire Occupy Denver movement has brought this on themselves by allowing the majority of their visual representation on the streets to be led by some pack of feral thugs that preyed on one another for food and cigarettes, caring little about the ‘cause’. That’s another problem with this protest-what is the cause for unrest? What are they fighting for? One of the calmer heads leading the Occupy movement (as of more recent months) told me the protest’s purpose was to be a general announcement to career politicians and corporate fat cats to ‘clean up their act’. That was probably the straightest answer I had ever received.

The second issue voted on was the civil union issue for gay people, allowing marriage between same sex couples to be recognized and ceremoniously performed in the Mile High city; that one got struck down-no Adam and Steve this time around. I thought the progressive political approach here in Denver was up to the task of showing the rest of our country how accepting they are of diverse lifestyles but I guess when it comes to certain interests they are still just a silly little cow town. They are more apt to legalize marijuana-a ballot issue this November- than allow ‘queers’ to marry…..get me high, but no guy on guy.

The No Camping ordinance hit close to my heart, as the whole Occupy movement had become an entertaining issue to behold, like watching your kid learn to ride a bike…the moment when a child finally takes flight on their own, no hands on the seat to help them. I was hoping to see those Occupy mongrels leap up at the throat of society and tear a gaping wound in the jugular, stick it to The Man. They still have the opportunity but lack the initiative. The Occupy movement here in Denver has been reduced to an embarrassing display of futility left in the hands of scoundrels and crackheads. Maybe the summer will bring about a new rally, but as it stands to date, the movement died.

As for the gay couples initiative I feel a sense of loss for that battle too. I have many gay, bisexual and transgender friends and acquaintances that wish only to make it through another day, like so many of us do. We just want to do our job, go home and relax, yet here they have to struggle and fight some battle of morals each and every fucking day. I can’t imagine putting up with shit like that day in day out. I would probably be more abhorred to find out what a lot of supposed ‘normal’ people do behind closed doors, which is why I care very little about the sexual habits of anyone outside my own perimeter. The sanctity of marriage is no more threatened by gay couples than anything put on television , the internet, down at the local mall or bar. Bottom line is, there are only two people that can break up your marriage, and you’re one of those two people.

So once again the individual takes a back seat to the elected official in charge. We blame it on lack of public awareness or personal interaction on specific lawful decisions but where is the media coverage to inform the general public of local issues being addressed before our congress? The ‘mainstream media’, as some are so fond to refer to, ends up being a catch phrase puppet to throw at the masses as the culprit behind not getting things accomplished they way you want them to go. Using the term ‘mainstream media’ to define one’s opposition has become the end all to any discussion on a given subject, like being in the Middle Ages and having someone call you a Heretic….hard to fight a battle of ideals when any logical argument you may have is being handed off to Divine evaluation rather than logical discussion. Most televised news channels now days opt out to tell you how you should feel about any given issue rather than report the news objectively and allow you to mull it over in your mind because they have discovered our emotional knee-jerk reaction to a situation create huge ratings for them, ergo huge profit shares, ergo, keep the station alive. Get people worked up over outlandish claims and accusations and they’ll fuel that hatred into a week’s worth of  program debate on CNN or Fox news.

We can all talk to one another and say if you don’t like the system then vote for a change, but are we really getting any changes we want or simply passing the baton back and forth? Is this a democracy or a constant pendulum motion that swings from one political extreme to the other? Does our vote count for anything more than a new set of heads in our state and federal buildings and a talking point on Sunday morning talk shows? How much is really being accomplished for the common person, by the common person? What have we changed recently? What have our elected officials done for us? Denver politicians  came back with one vote up and one vote down, and now we here are left to live with their decision, no input allowed other than our ability to call some local AM talk show and spew our hatred.  I’m sure readers of this blog, whether they live in this little cowtown or somewhere else, all have local issue they wish to change and wonder if they will ever get the representation they need to sway votes in their favor, but what I wonder is, will we stop being sidetracked by glib banter from our opposing neighbors and actually get in that voting booth?


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