Una Eleccion Para Los Condenados; An American Neighbor’s Tragedy

Forty nine bodies were found dumped along a Mexican highway approximately 105 miles from McAllen, Texas, heads and arms missing. For nearly six years the two largest drug cartels in Mexico, the Zetas and the Sinaola, have been engaging in a bloody game of whip-ass that has elected officials there at a loss for action.  July 1st will be election day in Mexico and none of the front running candidates can guarantee their public safety from this vicious gangland assault. President Felipe Calderon has been struggling with this madness since 2006 and term limits will see him replaced in about seven weeks by whatever poor sot steps into his office to see that red dot scope pointed at him.  You think we’ve got political balking here with Democrats and Republicans squawking at one another, Tea Party members acting all puffed up and righteous? Mexico is having some real candidate issues folks; this is una elecion para los condenados-an election for the doomed.

Halfway across the globe, gunmen shot and killed Maulvi Arsala Rhamani, a top member of the Afghanistan High Peace Council, the closest thing to a valid negotiator the world had with the Taliban. It was reported that he (Rhamani) was stuck in heavy traffic when a car pulled up and opened fire. Although Rhamani told Reuters that he felt optimistic about progress this year as far as negotiations with the Taliban were concerned, few could call this act as a surprising option. The Taliban feel as though their fundamentalist positions are being ignored by Afghanistan as well as the west and when you play politics with those men, walking away from the table don’t cut it. We continue, after a decade plus of conflict over there to stagnate any true development.

So we in America find ourselves pitted in a lackluster election between two candidates that are supposed to be representatives of this country. Fix our problems we scream at the pols and the reply we get is a fictitious appeasement to squelch our frustrations. Give us affordable health care we moan and they smile and say ‘I’d love to help you, but the other guy’s party is holding us down…sorry.” Candidates gather support from a mass of dullards by uttering the name God, throwing it about like a fix-all mantra, verbal confetti for the masses to wallow in. My view evaluating the effectiveness of our current Administrations, local and Federal, gives them a piss poor grade for accomplishing anything and just as bad a mark for their discernment over structuring the importance of world matters as they stand to potentially affect this country.

Creeping Jesus shit-Mexico borders our southwestern states and still there remains this hushed approach to how our Administration plans to handle the flow over of the Zeta/Sinaola drug wars? In less than a month Mexico has witnessed 14 mutilated men found in a van in downtown Nuevo Laredo, 23 people hanged or decapitated there as well and in Guadalajara 18 dismembered bodies. This heinous fighting will most likely begin to spill over into the United States in a larger capacity than it already has which is why I wonder how important it is  to continue futile negotiations (aka babysitting) and participating in peace conferences with Afghanistan when we have more pressing problems closer to home. We and at least a dozen other countries have sat and tried to make some progress in that land of hostility for going on eleven years now with very little effectiveness. Why aren’t we helping our neighbor to the south in their time of need? This would benefit both the U.S. and Mexico but what political party wants to advocate this? At best they have approached the subject all wrong and come off sounding racist-this isn’t about race folks, it’s about human beings being killed, drug hustlers, innocent people, bystanders and most likely, American tourists.

I hope to keep an eye on this travesty along our southern border as I hope many of you do. I don’t wish to downplay the social injustices of this country or ignore the need for more equal representation in our American cities, but if this situation in the streets of Mexico gets out of hand I really don’t want to rely on our current pick of numb fuckers in Washington to take care of us.



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