The Good, the Moot and the Very Ugly

Friday became a mixture of various flavors to ingest, snippets of the world around me that led my emotional meter to run back and forth. A last minute call from a friend had me out the door heading downtown to watch Chris Daniels and the Kings and Friends perform some great music in the King Center on the DU campus. Getting down via metro bus always gives me some new perspective on drones like myself that use public transportation, especially the 15L, which runs straight down Colfax Avenue through Denver carrying life’s strangest lifeforms to and fro. At one stop the bus lowered the handicap ramp, which is pretty typical on any given day, but rather than letting someone on in a wheelchair or some parent with a baby in a stroller, this guy wheels a huge plastic barrel on board that has stickers all over it that say CORROSIVE and HAZARDOUS WASTE.  I had no idea you were allowed passage on a bus with toxic sludge-at least it looked properly stored so no one said anything as he rode a few blocks with us. I kept imagining that thing tipping over, drenching me and all the other passengers, massive pustules forming on our ankles.

I finally made it downtown and smoked myself half senseless before finding King Hall Center. I heard the band inside and almost walked out onto stage as the door to the auditorium was a hard find for me-my shoes were a hard find that point. Good music does sound great when you’re high and Chris Daniels along with this ensemble of  (at times) up to eleven musicians-the Friends and the Kings, put on one hell of a performance. The guy has been fighting leukemia (AML) for the past year yet him and the band gave it their all, all I might add free of cost. This is the type entertainment people need to support-forget high priced Ticket Master shows, support local artists.

Prior to all this fun I had been perusing all the supposed ‘news’ stories flashing in about the President sounding his support of gay marriage. Analysts and talking heads on the airwaves of radio and television sat and tried their hardest to make a real issue out of this forced hand statement; Vice President Joe Biden, the current working politician with foot in mouth disease, brought the issue out of the proverbial closet by getting on television’s Meet the Press and ranting about how impressed he was to look in the eyes of ‘these adopted children of a gay couple in Los Angeles’. That’s what I love about Joe, once he gets foot deep in a story, he wallows around in the mud looking for an escape and in spite of any good intentions he might have, ends up addressing in with all the finesse of a man that has toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Gay marriage is an issue to discuss but not really front burner subject matter; if the media circle wishes to report on campaign chatter surrounding this issue, so be it, but if they choose to push it as the front foremost important issue, they will have abused their powers of public communication, once again, and lead viewers offtrack from the terribly important subjects.

Then last in my mind Friday was the very ugly; I was dropped off after the Chris Daniels show to go wait for my bus. I had my ride (after getting us completely re-stoned) drop me off at Colfax and Broadway so I could see what the status of the downtown Occupy zombies  was; a recent voting on urban camping laws put the vise clamps on all the tents and squatters out in Civic Center park. It was around 10:30 or 11 at night, the hour at which (in the past) all zombies were all nestled in their tarps and sleeping bags but all I could see this evening were three souls wrapped up like human burritos on the sidewalk where the protesters would gather. Where was the strength in numbers? Had they really been defeated? The last time I saw it this desolate was New Years Eve which I could attribute then to everyone out celebrating but this, this was ugly and demoralizing to the cause. One lone figure paced the grounds and acted like some whipped Scottish step-child, resentful and full of somber hate. I think that lone figure was Little Bear, a hard core zombie that had been here since the beginning….I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to walk up and see if it really was him-it was all too dystopic for both of us.

So there it is, the Good, the Moot and the Very Ugly, all wrapped up in one day’s events. The winds of change consistently blow in new fodder and blow out the old and somewhere along the way, we manage to grab hold of the issues dear to our hearts and convictions, hoping we can continue to support these issues amid a storm of flotsam….wade through the crap people, and hold your torch high.


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