100 Strong-and Dieing

This should be fast and painless but I believe it to be absolutely necessary which is why I filled a pipe up with some synthetic hash to slow my mind down to a humbling lull in order to say thank you to all the individuals out there who have continued to support this blog by reading the ramblings of my drug induced, psychotic and somewhat troubling life. This makes my 100th post to the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons, a concept I originally schemed to run as a full blown web site, back before the enriched ease and functionality of WordPress hit the internet full force. I dropped the ball on the original Church page and felt I would never pick it up again, but that was before the full brunt of a collapsing economy effected me and took away a house, broke up my marriage and left me ready to call it quits. I managed (with some sound advice from a good friend-thanks B) to start all over again and began to get back on my feet again. I still struggle but have not quite made it to the cardboard sign standup gig on some busy street corner.

With spare time at hand and not enough money to buy a gun I thought maybe I should do the Aborigine thing, do a walkabout around town and see what was actually out in this big city. Like a lot of people, I had become numbed to a life of televised prattle and internet stimulation to fill the gaps between the required daily chores. I thought I knew what was out there, felt certain I could evaluate the person on the street at a glance just from their dress or where they lived. I have no idea what happened to that innocent approach to my fellow man and woman to not judge the cover, rather read the pages inside.

Before I start sounding like a failed Hallmark card I will suffice it to say, the adventures I have had and the people I have met kept me living. It’s still a fantastic world out there folks, all the insane mother fuckers, all the slightly tilted philosophies I hear, the thieves and saints alike have left me amused and astounded, tearful at times and jaw-dropping flabbergasted other moments. From No Shirt Billy to the Crazy Jesus Lady, Andrew and the Captain and Eduardo-Eduardo, you crazy fucking Mexican, you have saved my life and threatened it too….what more could I ask for?

Then there is the national news scene that continues to delight me as I’m sure it does you, like a car wreck you just can’t look away from. The year’s end grows closer each day and though I don’t believe the End of the World calamity doomsday predictors speak of will take place, I do hold concerns for what becomes of our democracy.  The wire is overflowing with daily political abuse and scandal stories-there is no way I can possibly cover everything, but I try to pick some items out for our entertainment. I’m certain to have mounds of material to work with for some time…so why title this post ‘100 Strong and Dieing‘? The use of the word dieing is to remind me and you and everyone out there who reads this, that Jim Morrison was right-no one here gets out alive. Remember to get away and enjoy life now and then. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with a stranger. Live and let live yet fight injustice where you can and when you can. Never give your full devotion to electronic media, go out there and see it for yourself. The timer’s set to go off but none of us are sure at what minute so.

Having said all that,  I retire to the rest of this pipe and thank you once again, one and all, for keeping me living.


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