The GOP’s Apathetic Campaign Stratagem

Monday evening, well after prime time hours, Rick Santorum divulged  a sagging endorsement to his former opponent, Mitt Romney, for the Presidency. His emailed statement to supporters of his now finished drive to the White House sounded more like key points from one of his numerous GOP debates rather than a rally for Republicans to gather. What a half-assed effort that was. I would say that was the most tepid endorsement possible-but wait….Gingrich stands in the wings preparing to open his maw and spew forth god knows what kind of animosity toward the Republican frontrunner (I still pay homage to you, Ron Paul, you straggle yet survive.), a race which now sways heavy in favor of the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama. You think Rick Santorum dislikes Romney? Gingrich loathes the man.

Yes folks, in the land of lying bastards, the man currently on the throne will probably stay in charge. Washington has a lot of reptiles so if they pair off and get greedy, there is no party majority to see them through a winning season. What caused the Republican foundation to forget this little mainstream law of political physics? The bad mouthing of fellow party candidates is supposed to lay off once you leave the race but here come the sore loser crew just burying the GOP Filet O Fish Romney into a larger heap of dead mackerel, which serves no right wing enthusiasts or Obama haters at all. I wouldn’t even call this a weak strategy-it’s political suicide they’re messing with. If you (GOP) shoot down Romney, then where will all these angry voters turn? No more souls to grab from the pot, your vast number of televised debates weeded them out. People will more than likely just stay away from the polls come November and spend another 4 years being upset that their guy didn’t win…..and who was that guy?

Or here you go, all you conspiracy lovers out there; This is an 11th hour effort to get a groundswell support behind Ron Paul. Romney will stay afloat just long enough to get everyone good and steamed at him and just before you go to your closet to find a Smith and Wesson to chew on, out jumps the old Texan to say “I’m Da Man!” This has to be it. Certainly they don’t expect you to pull the lever for the pristine Mormon who keeps burying himself further and further into heap of lies and bitter false atonement. Why just today, NBC news wire stories report that Romney reiterated his claim that he should be given credit for the resurgence in the American auto industry.
Romney was quoted as saying “I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done and help was given, the companies got back on their feet, so I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry’s come back,”
Yeah, that has to be it, eh? Throw in Ron Paul? Right? I truly feel for you Republicans, I truly do.


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