Eduardo and His Escorpion Jugo pt. 2

The scary thing for me was not that I had just ingested what Eduardo said was an extract for the gland of scorpions, but not knowing how far the effects may go. With something like LSD I know to expect the walls to begin breathing in about 40 minutes or so, but as this numbing feeling came over my muscles I wondered how far it would take me-how incapacitated would I get? The mind didn’t lose a beat and I could stay on subject but that tinkling amount of paranoia kept distracting me, making me wonder if  my tongue would swell up twice its size or some other nasty side effect; for the moment, I was comfortable and ready to converse.

The points Eduardo and I discussed on the upcoming presidential election led me to believe that the winner in 2012 could very well be Mitt Romney-not because he is more qualified than Barack Obama, but because of the impact rhetoric and appearance play into the game. More steam is being placed behind the Birthers’ drive for full exposure of our President’s past. He produced a copy of his birth certificate after weeks of wailing thinking that would end the intrusion into his past-fat chance. Now there are further investigations looking into seeking his college thesis, demanding to seer his school records, implications of false characters created in his book Dreams From My Father and from that list alone, the President will have a tough time winning over new voters or disgruntled ones that helped vote him into office in 2008. In the game of politics it’s not always whether something reported is the truth or not, but how widespread the story can become and when it hits the media outlets which can make or break percentage numbers for a candidate. The sad thing about politics is that most people will not take the time to investigate the nuances of a slanderous story. Emotions can be swayed with the right PR twist. Most straight ticket voters are headstrong in their evaluations of a politician and look to find stories to strengthen their convictions rather than play the devil’s advocate with their mind and look objectively at the person running for office.

Take the case of the Vice President’s job. In the last 50 years-at least-that position has been pretty much like the second string quarterback on any NFL team. They sit with their thumb up their ass while the owner tries to keep them happy and preoccupied, waiting for the moment when they have to step in, praying that moment never comes. Our current Vice President, Joe Biden, makes his appearance on television news programs and prattles on about this or that, but the bottom line is that no one takes him too serious. They know he is merely regurgitating what he’s been told he can say. However, the run for Vice Presidency continues to be a sway issue for a lot of undecided voters. People want to make a big raucous attempt to place more importance on this position than needs to be. Sarah Palin jumped on the bandwagon with John McCain and before she was ousted from her own gaffs and blunders before the voters, she had impact. She was different, she shook up the norm and people were intrigued by this rogue (former) Alaskan Governor. Thankfully time played into the game and proved her to be less than qualified for the job, but think how that might have been different if the timing were adjusted?  If McCain would have chosen her later in the game a lot of voters may have held onto their deluded opinion of her and the vote could have swung in his favor.

This is the conclusion Eduardo and I came to after sharing a couple more hits of scorpion juice. The trick for Romney to win his seat in the White House must be based on misinformation and timing, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a snappy Vice Presidential running mate; a pathetic thing to admit about our democratic approach to voting, but true. If a love child popped up on Obama’s doorstep around September 28th, subjective feelings would take him out. If Mitt Romney were discovered involved in a white slavery scandal he would be finished. These preliminary small jabs at one another during the campaign are expected. In this age of fast moving information via internet and daily news shows, voter opinions can be swayed with but a breath of suspicion. Like Yogi Berra said, ‘it ain’t over til it’s over’. If Obama wants to serve a second term it might be more effective to stop touting so many accomplishments and start tearing down Romney’s character…a sad thing to admit, but when you figure the man helped orchestrate the death of Bin Laden and still has people questioning his integrity, what other conclusion can one draw? No one is going to think  having Joe Biden on his team is an asset so what else can he do? If Romney wants to win he should lay off trying to convince people he’s for the little man because no one believes that-maybe if he grabs a VP candidate who is a hard working Joe the Plumber type son of a gun it could give him the edge from the neutral/right wing fringe. Last election showed a groundswell of first time voters in support of Obama but after four years of stagnant progress, will they still come out in numbers? Will hard core Republicans rally round the booth in big numbers to vote out the Great Hope and Change? Maybe I should drink more scorpion juice and just drift away…..


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