Spontaneous Baby Steps

I was momentarily tempted to become a deranged conspiracy theorist in an attempt to track and explain (to myself and to those reading my blog posts) recent rumblings in the courtrooms throughout our country. The thought of setting up some large U.S. map with push pins and red string leads to various cities may be a great hobby but once you get sucked into the quagmire of suspicions, every shadow on the wall means something  to you. People begin to avoid you and rightly so-no one can take the screed of some loon explaining the details of his findings, mysteries wrapped in mysteries, Black Ops bullshit.
Two stories in particular helped goad this on the past week. A nice little article by Jef Otte writing for Westword magazine brought my attention to a parlay of moves the Colorado State lawmakers intend to enforce with updates to a law here prohibiting anyone from sitting or laying down for extended periods of time in the downtown area.  The purpose for this restriction is basically a last ditch, hair splitting addendum to local law aimed at stopping ‘urban camping’; keeping the homeless from sleeping in doorways of LoDo (Lower Downtown) shops, especially on the 16th Street corridor. The ‘sit-lie’ ordinance is on the books in Denver but no effort has been made to issue citations or pick people up for that infraction of the law. Efforts from local Legislators may change that soon, a push many believe has been brought about by the Occupy Denver squatters adding to the growing number of street people here. Another story involving the U.S. Supreme Court’s possible upholding portions of Arizona ‘s Immigration law which would allow police to determine citizenship status during traffic stops-a move that if adopted, would no doubt spread from Arizona to other states.

These two stories reminded me that the movements in our country that change the nation seem to be more influenced by spontaneous actions rather than well thought out plans of some sloth-like group or committee. I served time in the military and discovered that the best laid plans typically came off the cuff and weren’t standard procedure. I know there’s a lot of U.S. Forces testosterone going around out there that want no one to speak ill of the Armed Forces, but in all honesty, the military is pretty much like any other Government organization-it’s nut fucking flaws usually start from the top and work their way down and upon evaluation, prove to waste a lot of time, money and effort for minimal results. On a more grass roots level, the Occupy movement I have followed since fall of 2011 has proven to bear little fruit among the tree of progress with that cause. The most notice that group gets is when they head to the streets and start marching, spontaneous, stopping traffic and causing alarm throughout the downtown area. The individuals of this country seem to draw attention to social issues and get the public engaged, not some closed door organization of politicians led by the reanimated body of Richard Nixon. Our politicians are too busy sending pictures of their junk to pages or shuffling off to the Bahamas for an affair. Remember Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman? Remember Terry Schaivo? Remember Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine shooters? For better or worse, for good cause or naught, these individuals shaped a nation’s opinion and actions by themselves, no government committee or group effort. Some of actions were intentional, some were mere random situations, but there was no conspiracy behind it (except maybe Klebold and Harris, which was a two person conspired effort, not some huge hate group organization). My finishing point is, change in our country seems best addressed by individual efforts rather than relying on some group to get the work down. Yes, it is true that the camel was a horse designed by committee so don’t expect that politician you vote for to cure all the ills of the world, they can barely keep their dick in their pants. Voting is important, but never forget to engage. Hold your fist in the air with defiance. Rely on you.


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